Please help!


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Hey all!
I've been at the birmingham NEC bike show all day and although i had a good time i found all the food stalls sooooo hard to walk past BUT i did!! However it has left me in a grumpy mood all day and just craving more than a food pack SO i've just ate a pack of ham and a pack of chicken!
What sort of damage have i done!??
Feel so worried now! :(
Thanks all xx
Although people may disagree with this the only thing you have done wrong is that you cheated in your mind! However don’t feel bad because what I really mean is you should have planned to have a naughty day and enjoyed the day and the food. Then get straight back on it, the only thing you will have done is slowed down the fat burning for a day or two BUT how did you used to eat? I bet it was nothing like what you have just done was it? So stuff it no big deal just get on with it and celebrate your achievement to date

You have to stay sane so plan it in and you loose the guilt. I had been on it for 5 weeks and we had some friends up from London and yes we went out and had a few beers and a fantastic Chinese, but I planned it that way and three days later there was no impact to a day of sin (your meat by the way is in the main protein so again no real damage)

Get over it and get on with it ............ well done so far don’t whip of hand yourself LOL
I would guess you have lessened your weight loss but not harmed your ketosis. Since you only ate proteins the ketosis should be untouched.
At least you managed to avoid all the stuff at the NEC. Get back on it & stick to it - if anything it will have taught you that having the food does not make you feel any better.

Did you buy anything at the show? OH went today & came home with a new lid - he did need one his old one was about 5 years old!

Hi Clare, hun dont be 2 hard on yourself u had a minor blip its not the end of the world.
I am not 2 sure if a pack of ham and a pack of chicken could kick u out of ketosis as alot of the packed meats have some sugar in them and might have a small carb count.
Just carry on with your packs and drink loads of water tomorrow to flush anything out of your system.

Maybe if u r going to be out all day again u could carry a bar with u, i think its better if u have a extra bar/tetra then eat food.
Sorry i cant offer any more advice i am sure an experienced vlcd peep will soon pop along and help u.
Take care xx