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    Im helen and i started lipotrim on tuesday after seeing proof it works!!:) but my god im struggling and its only thursday! :cry:
    i am constantly thirsty even though im hitting about 5/6 pints and am actually craving plain toast! (ha!).
    im sure, (because everyone keeps telling me) that it will get better but i need some help in the meantime! please please i want this to work!

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  3. icemoose

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    Don't diet anymore!

    It will work, I promise you that, check out my diary at and go to the bottom, you will see the first few days when I was on the diet and how I was hoping it got better.

    After a few days it did and although I did Cambridge, Lipotrim is very very similar and if you trust the packs then you WILL be slim, there is no CAN IT WORK FOR ME as it works for everyone who sticks to it.

    Eyes on the prize and slimdom awaits

  4. madhousemum

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    hi hun it does get better the first day i was bad but second was better third even better and forth totally ok and full of life. it all be worth it in the end you say you drink between 4-5 pints i know you have to drink between 2-4 litres of water hun. good luck and let us know xxxx
  5. cuddlyfairy

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    Helen, as has already been said, the first few days till you get into ketosis are the worse. You need to keep yourself occupied so your mind doesn't wander onto food. Try hot drinks, relaxing baths, good books, face masks, popping on here.

    You can always go on MSN and chat to one of us. We are all happy to help because we have been there and know how tough it can be.

    Good luck hun.

  6. tara66

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  7. TheMilkTrayMan

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    Hang in there hun, you are doing the right thing. Keep your mind occupied, keep away from temptation, and once the first 4 days are past it will be plain sailing to your goal. DO NOT CHEAT if you do it ruins several days of weight loss and is much harder to cope getting back into ketosis. Stick with it and you will be just fine!! xx
  8. thefutureisbright

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    At the early part of your LT journey you can have tough moments... here are some things I did that REALLY WORKED.

    WALKING - especially if you can go for a walk by a river or somewhere beautiful. This will really help you to calm down and think positively and focus on where you are going and why you are doing this.

    BATHS - Nice long baths work a treat and then pamper yourself.

    ONLINE WINDOW SHOPPING - I would have spent ages on sites like river island etc doing pretend shopping sprees, I filled my shopping bag with all the things I loved in the sizes I wanted to be!

    I was doing all these things 12-13 weeks ago when I was obese. Now 13 weeks later I am size 8, healthy range and I am telling you that the transformation in my confidence, appearance and the reaction of people to me is a complete turnaround!!!!! The difference is amazing, and when YOU GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, you wont even think the early days where hard enough to justify the awesome rewards you will receive from this.

    After the first week or so this gets so easy its a joke. Im glad the first week is hard - because only people with strength and determination deserve to reap the rewards, if everyone could do it, it just wouldnt be as good! :)

    Hang in there, be a winner... by being a loooooooooooooooser! :)

    PS Check out my pics! :)
  9. juicylucy

    juicylucy Full Member

    yes DO NOT CHEAT as it may seem worth it at the time but you have to go through the first week all over again and as i'm finding out its a million times harder doing the first week the second time round. Stick with it the results are amazing i'v lost 26lbs in 5 weeks. Whens your first weigh in after that you'l wonder what all the fuss is about. Also i'v noticed that the time has flown by it seems like only yesterday when i got my first pack and now i'm on week 6 its so hard to believe just how fast it has gone.
    Good luck hun x

    CANKSTER Silver Member

    Babe stay strong, drink like stink wrap up warm in a quilt and chill.

    Have you looked at the inspiratonal slide show on here, tis amazing.
    You will do this xxx
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