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Please Help

Hi All

I would really like to do WW after CD but don't have the money to go to classes, would anyone be able to explain what you can eat on the core plan for me and how that plan works. I understand that the other Points plan is fairly easy to estimate I think I can have about 21 points per day and can gauge that on the ww food meals which I will buy and a bit of help from the sticky thread about points.:wave_cry:

This credit crunch has really knocked me for 6 and lost my 2nd job over Christmas due to it so really cannot afford to buy the books from ebay at nearly £20 they are charging.

Please help me change 2009 for the better.

Take Care and all the best to fellow miniminers :talk017:

Michelle x
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Hi thanks I really do hope so, I'm so fed up and its ages till pay day and I know losing the weight will help. :mad:

Hi there. Core works on the basis that there is a list of foods - you can find them here - My Long and Bumpy Journey | A new me in 2007 - from which you can eat freely as long as you eat them at meal times. You can have three meals a day and should eat till you are comfortably full but not stuffed. You have 21 points a week for non-Core items or treats. Outside of meals you can snack on fruit freely or you can use some of your 21 points. If you eat a Core food outside of a meal time, you have to point it. The exception is skimmed milk - I think you can have half a pint of that whenever you like so you could have a milky coffee or something like that.

Shout up if you need to know anything more. Oh and welcome x
i have an eating out guide and shopping guide you can have if you can pay the postage. pm me your email if you would like them
Thanks so much Gem
Like I have said before it means a lot to have help and support on here.

Take Care x
Thanks so much for the well wishes. I have to do this this time and as my name says its "for me this time" nobody else.

Good Luck all

Michelle x
welcome to the WW boards :) if you are struggling with money then i would go for the supermarket own brand "be good to yourself" meals.. theyre generally cheaper than the WW things and most of them are really good points wise :) i'm a poor student so know the feeling!

if you like soup then i do a lovely carrot and ginger soup for dead cheap and it makes loads and you can freeze it :D

1kg carrots, roughly chopped
2 onions, roughly chopped
2 vegetable stock cubes
4 (i like it with quite a kick) tsps ginger
1.5l hot water
salt and pepper to taste

stick it all in a pot, bring to boil then simmer for 1/2 an hour.. then blitz. Makes a boat load feeds me for like a week LOL :p
go pay for one class (£5.50) and you can at least get the slidey points calculator for free.. the electronic one is better.. only £10 and much more accurate so you could order one of those off the site :)
Thanks so much everyone, all info taken on-board

Thanks so much

Michelle x

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