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Please Help

i need inspiration on how to loose weight.
i know your probs going to say .
. eat less
. do more exercise
. eat healthier

but i need to loose 2 stone in order to feel hap with myself, im 18 adn 5'6" and i think im nearing on 11st :sigh::confused:
i do not enjoy going to the gym as i feel intimidated there, i like swimming but am body concious(sp?) i have tried running but can not run for very long.

what have you found helps?
i have 7 months to loose the 2 stone before i go to Africa.. so am very determined to do it.

i find crisp are very addictive so need to give them up but the motivation is hard. i have also tried slimfast and adios to no avail

please please please help
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What doesn't kill me.....
Hi sweetie,

Maybe your motivation lies in a better reason to loose weight. It's often not enough to want to loose weight because you are going on a trip.. or there is a big event, etc. You really have to want it, and want it for a good reason. Health, for your family, your emotional well being, etc.

I have found that when I wanted to loose weight, it didn't matter how bad... because I not only didn't understand the reasons why I overate or chose the wrong things to eat, but because the reasons why I wanted to loose weight were false and superficial.

So sit down and think.. and perhaps write.... explore reasons why you love potato chips... often we eat because we are bored... or because we are emotional eaters. "I had a bad week... I'll treat myself to this..." or "my parents yelled at me.. I'll treat myself to this.." It becomes a vicious cycle that becomes automatic.

If you eat because you are bored, find more constructive things to keep your mind occupied.. I have found gum keeps my mouth busy.

Maybe keep a food journal for a week. Often we don't realize how much we are eating until we see it on paper.

I hope some of these thoughts help. :)

Well for what it is worth, your BMI is within the healthy range already :)

You state you're determined to do it and then go on to say you haven't got great motivation :confused:

If you do want to lose 2 stone you have plenty of time to do it slowly. No-one can run very far when they first start trying but a lot of people start by walking between 2 lamposts and then running between the next 2 and then back to walking between the next 2 and so on. This will help to build your fitness level up and before you know it you'll be running past every lampost! :D

If you tweak your diet just a little bit, low fat crisps and cutting back on fat in general and upping your intake of fruit and veg then you may start to see results!

You should never feel deprived on a diet (unless you're dieting for the wrong reason! e.g. someone else has told you to lose weight :D ) so just keep thinking of how fabulous you will look on holiday and that's all the motivation you need!
just a couple of things i picked up from what you say, cos i struggle with motivation too, so go thru phases of maintaining just to get back in control.
but a few of things i've leanrt are;

1. you dont have to give up stuff that you love butf look for a lower fat/calorie version, there are lots of crisp type products that are low like quavers of french fries or the baked crisps (they're nice ). in my experience if you feel deprived you wont stick at it.

2. it doesnt have to be 'formal' exercise. i hat exercise and cant run to save my life,but again fit it in where you can. i take my girls to school in the morning and walk (briskly) home the long way which is over a mile. its part of my day and i dont 'feel' like i'm exercising. theres other obvious things like taking the stairs instead of the lift etc etc.

3. I used to think that if i lost weight i would like myself better, but i've actually found thta its the other way around, i'm doing better with my diet as i've learned to like myself more.

i really wish you the best of luck cos there's nothing worse than bieng unhappy with yourself, it impacts into everything you do.

take care and be happy


Silver Member
I love eating, that's why I love slimming world, you can eat lots, so long as its the healthy 'free foods'. For your height, 2 stone is way too much to want to lose though. Maybe you just need to tone up. Have you tried an exercise dvd at home? You don't need to go to the gym, just walking is good exercise. Good luck x
thankyou all for your answers they have made me see what i really want now :) i've worked out that i boredom eat.. i'm fine whilst i'm at college but as soon as i get home it goes to pot lol. i do have an exercise dvd at home so will start doing that again. i really like the idea of running between lamposts :D i have decided to start on monday as it's a fresh week : and will definately be keeping a food diary. i never knew quavers were low calories so i will invest in them :D

Thankyou so much :)
i shall let you know how i get on xx


What doesn't kill me.....
I'm glad to hear it hon! Remember, we are all here if you need some help or encouragement. :)

Dear WalsinghamDream,

I know what you mean about eating at home! That used to be my biggest probem!

here is my advice to make your weight loss journey easier:

- Do not eat less! Eat THE SAME amount of food, just split it into 5-6 times a day, if possible.

- Eat breakfast! This is a must - great if you are doing this already. All the sweet things must go for breakfast instead of dinner. This works like magic, because metabolism is much higher in the morning than at night.

- Let your body rest for 2-3 hours between each meal. Do not eat anything in between. 2-3 hours is not a long time.

- Drink plenty of water.

This is all you need to lose weight. I promise! And I found that I wanted to eat at home at times when I had nothing more to do ;) Find yourself some occupation!

Hope to hear from you soon how you`re doing. Good luck and keep posting!


Thanks for your advise :D
i never really eat breakfast as i usually feel sick in the morning:confused: but as i started my diet this morning i made myself eat a small amount of cereal.
then for a snack at 11 i had a pot of jelly with less than 10kcal
for lunch at 1 i had soup and two slices of bread :(
then just now i was starving so had a packet of quavers :)
but i'm going out tonight to frankie and bennys and dont know what to have as i dont want to go over 1100 kcal and i've already had 509:confused:

Hi WD,

Breakfast is a must for weight loss! I know you do not like it - I never used to have breakfast - and only when I started, I lost weight! I know you do not like it and I know what you mean saying you feel sick, but what you can do, is start with just a bit of something and in a few weeks, you can already have full breakfast. Believe me, it is so much effective!!

This is all related to metabolism - you have to keep it up, to lose weight, and it is only possible to keep it high by eating frequently, no matter how stupid or unbelievable this may sound.

As soon as we understand this and start eating normally and regularly, we start losing weight and never get it back. I was overweight for years until I realized that and found that this is the only thing that works.

If I were you, I would stop counting calories. This does not work in the long run, because the body gets used to the calorie intake, and as soon as it does, you start gaining your weight back. Calorie counting only works if you live counting for the rest of your life. But do you want to do that?

Can you get 5 or 6 meals a day? 4 normal meals, and 1-2 snacks would work best. Normal meals - that is, a soup or salad, and an entree. They have to be a bit smaller sizes, but you have to still eat normally.

When going out, I suggest any soup or salad - do not be afraid of them!

I remember when I was thinking about dieting, the worst thing I could think of was being on a diet for the rest of my life. And when doing not the right things, you really have to be on a diet for the rest of your life, if you don`t want your weight back.

Actually, as you improve metabolism, you can eat whatever you like, and whenever you like. The thing is, you WANT to eat at the right time, and you WANT the right food ;)

Sorry for such a long post :)


Gone fishing
i never really eat breakfast as i usually feel sick in the morning:confused: but as i started my diet this morning i made myself eat a small amount of cereal.
Don't panic if you can't do it though. The research that said you need to eat breakfast, and eat regularly was flawed. They totally missed the point about TEF (thermal Effect of Food) which takes about 10% of the calories of the meal in digestion.

Basically, if eating frequently helps you keep to a chosen amount of calories, then eat frequently. If eating in less meals a day, helps you keep to that chosen amount of calories, eat less frequently ;)

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