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Please reassure me x


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Hello everyone, i have come over from the cambridge diet, and have been doing SW for just over a week, i thought today i would try extra easy, as going camping next week, and thought it would be easier to do meals out in the open! So today i have had the following;

Bake beans,
Bacon (fat removed)
Mushrooms (loads i love them)
2 Asda 50% less fat sausages (2 sins)
Fried egg (frylight)

Dinner will be;

Steak (fat removed)
SW chips


With fruit and mullerlights throughout the day, so is this ok? It feels so naughty, i keep reading the book and am pretty sure i am ok, God i hope i am x x
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hey sweetie, so what are you planning using for your HEA and HEB? your meals look perfectly fine so far, but is this all your eating? 2 meals a day as apposed to 3? xxxx


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Hi ya thanks for your reply, i havent decided on my 3rd meal, as i am working nights, so will be in the middle of the night on tommorrows menu, or i may have some batchelours beef rice ( free on Green) if feeling peckish before i go into work tonight, for my HEXA i am having 5x laughing cow light triangles, and for HEXB i am having 2 Alpen light bars x

Mrs V

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I agree with Fern...I wouldnt have a few weeks ago about eating syns, as I was loosing weight ok without them...then everything slowed down (almost stopped). So, I upped my syns and it works!!! Lol.

Your plan looks lovely for the day, so enjoy!


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Thankyou so much, i am saving my sins for my friends birthday party on Sat! And i am sure they will be used next week whilst on holiday, i know it reads quite simple in the book, but it is hard to get my head around it, my hubby cant believe how much i am eating and have lost weight, i know it is only my 2nd week but am full of hope x
Ah, i know what you mean about saving for saturday, but i honestly believe you will more likley to loose weight having 5 each day and using the extra on saturday .. because your using them reguarly, i find if i go syn free all day and then use loads on one night im more likley to gain, thats just me maybe? but i think it'd be ebtter for your body to ajust to using syns reguarly if you do that too? xxxx


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I know what you mean by using some, i usually have a packet of french fries at work which is 4.5 sins, but i ate so much fruit last night i didnt, but they are in my bag for tonight so will go on tommorrows allowance, or i may treat myself to some mayonise (sp) with my chips tonight :D x Thankyou both x x

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