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please return my joie de vivre

feel like I want to give up.

According to the scales I've lost 2lbs since wednesday but Im feeling miserable. My house mate and bf troughed their way through so much food last night and I sat in my room smelling it most of the night.

Im gonna check out the inspirational pictures, but right now I feel like giving up on everything :(
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Here you are - :vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes: positive vibes to get you back on track. (borrowed them last night to get through the curry supper!)

C'mon, be strong you can do it. Get yourself busy today doing something you have put off for ages to keep yourself occupied. You'll regret it more if you give in to temptation :ignore:

Keep off the scales til you get to your CD, that's the ones that count and if they don't move as much as you would like the inches are still disappearing.

Aww thanks for the vibes hon. I just downloaded the zumba dvds......... Im gonna try the basics and see if it cheers me up! x


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aww dont give up. If you get to that point why not move up to 810.I have always been a ss girl.This time I decided to do 810 and omg it is so much easier,you can have loads of milk, loads of protein and i can honestly say it really isnt a struggle.I weighed myself this morning (lol after your other thread about weighing) and have lost 9lbs since monday,im hoping for 10 by tomorrow so the losses are still good and i dont have to disappear every time someone in the house eats something.I am well in ketosis and I am loving it.My cdc said the losses are pretty much the same as ss its just being able to stop if youve eaten your allowance and not go raiding the fridge. x
I havent ever looked at 810, can you explain what it is and what the allowances are? x


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sending my love chick <3 don't you dare give up... you kept me going yesterday after my pork pie blip :)
I reckon 810 might be your best option Tara, your body is clnging on to it's supplies. I'm going to 810 I think after 1 more week because I'm starting the exercise.
You give lots of people lots of support on here and we will get you through it. xxx
Also sending you lots of positive vibes (except I can't find the thingies) xx

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