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Please Share your comments Fat loss for idiots

I have to say I don't like the name for a start as I don't believe anyone should be labelled an "idiot"

Also some of the principles are based around eating until "full" but not being "stuffed" but that is a difficult one to find as most people eat faster than there body can talk to them so by the time you feel "full" you will be "stuffed" anyway.

It says that low carbs don't work but the meal plans I have seen are just that and seem protein based (which is fine!) but then to slag off other diets that are low carb seems unfair.

Also they say lose so much weight in a few days which is firstly breaking the new regulations on advertising but more than that it will be mostly water loss and hence is a bit misleading.

lol just re read what I posted!

I wasn't being as negative as that sounded!

The meal plans themselves do look nutritionally balanced and generally I think it is ok, I just don't like the marketing around it and I hate when one diet *****es off every other diet by saying that they aren't a diet and diets don't work.


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