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please someone explain

Hi there, *whinge alert* lol I know I have said this a thousand times before but please can someone help?? I have been on 1000 cals a day since God knows when, I have also not lost a pound in two months, sure I gain a pound and lose a pound but essentially it is the same. I am not constipated (sorry), nor on the pill and other than a bought of sickness (where i didn't lose weight, and flu where I didn't lose weight) I haven't tries to excercise daily. I have tried calorie cycling and even uping my cals (I gained btw) but no joy. I feel thinner and am in a smaller size and my face looks thinner, however the scales say different and it ticks me off :( I want to los a stone and half before the summer and this isn't gonna happen :( Yesterday I ate only 800 cals and guess what I gained a pound :rolleyes:

I can't take much more lol ...
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Your body thinks its starving. Simple as that. No fully-grown adult can exist on 1000cals a day. When you upped your calories a bit you gained- were you not told to expect this? Of course you'll gain for a while as your body comes to terms with the fact you're actually feeding it again! It will hang onto every nutrient until it realises that you intend to continue to feed it- this unfortunately can take a while- especially if you've restricted severely for a long time? When you cut your calories again your body has reacted by holding onto every morsel you put in your mouth.
Your body needs a certain amount of calories to function- and I guarantee that 1000cals a day is way below what your body needs, and you run the real risk of doing long-term damage. Google 'starvation mode' and read up on this.
I'd be very surprised if anyone comes up with another 'reason' for your plateau.
Thanks, i get scared when I up my cals though :( and I hate the gain and I honestly don't think I would stop gaining :(


A little of everything!
It comes down to the science of it- if you're burning more than you're eating then you'll lose- BUT you have to ensure you're eating enough so your body doesn't store any excess energy in case of a 'famine' episode? It about getting the balance right? Thats why all the 'experts' are adament about never going below 1200cals a day. NHS dietitians policy is never to go below 1500cals a day. It might take longer to lose the weight, but it's also more likely to stay off as you're allowing yourself a reasonable amount of food which will in turn leave it easier to maintain your goal weight when (;)) you get there, and less likely to binge/fall off the wagon?
Irishmum is absolutely right. Up your calories, try not to worry about the initial gain, it will come off again.
Dont think i could survive on 1000kcal, i'd be chewing my arm off.

When i have a gain i cut back to 1500kcal a day and it comes right off again.
Thanks you guys for taking the time to reply xx

I will up the cals but it feels totally wrong, but I will trust in the science of it all and let you know. I have had 1200 today x I feel bloated and don't see how this can work but I will stick by what you say xx



A little of everything!
Remember, it'll take a while to 'recover', especially if you've been undereating by a long time? So be prepared for an initial gain for a while (could be a few weeks/month) before your body learns to trust you again?
If eating higher cals leaves you bloated, eat less dense/higher cal foods like nuts, use 'real' foods instead of low-cal/fat 'diet' foods, have a larger portion of protein with your meals- all easy ways to bump your intake without feeling like you'll burst?
^ Yes I agree. I have valued your advice here as I woke up this morning and even tho i uped my cals I have dropped a pound, could just be water retention but it has made me think...

it's a tricky one as you have to get the balance just right don't you??

I don't know how cambridge diet works then because you only intake about 800 cals a day on their shakes so why doesn't the body slip into starvation mode there??


A little of everything!
Regulated VLCD's like CD, LL & Lipotrim contain all the essential vitamins/minerals a body needs to function properly, thus enabling the body to burn off the excess while on very few calories, and preventing any damage to our bodies while on the diet (in theory anyway). On a 'real' food diet, getting all the essential nutrients on this few calories is very difficult, if not impossible? Plus they all have a food re-introduction phase of the diet where particular foods are very gradually brought back into your daily diet, avoiding sudden bloat/gains and hopefully preventing a 'Oh God!' moment where we lose the plot and eat all round us! LOL!
Cambridge diet works because the body is starving and uses its fat resources for energy.The people on CD accomplish this via a very low calorie intake and very low carbohydrate intake.
You wouldnt be allowed to do the diet if you have a bmi under 28( i think- cannot recall) but can continue if you start above that until you have reached a healthy BMI

i did it for 6 months and lost 5 stone but i got bored and started picking at food so came off it and just dont have the will power to give it another go
^ Like you I have done it before however I gained it all back :( and i don't have the heart to do it again i can't face the shakes second time around :confused::sigh:
serafyn...I know what you mean about sticking to roughly the same weight, even though you know your taking in less..its a real downer.. I dont need to lose much, but at only 5ft tall, and starting at 9st 10 ( after Christmas, and weighing, up to then 9st 4lbs for YEARSAND YEARS, I decided to lose a stone.. Well. ok the first week 4lbs lost, then second week, one pound gain, then 3rd week one pound lost, then the 4th week 9st 4lb, then last week 9st 4lbs, and tomorrow ( weigh in day for me ) it'll be the same no doubt..Its daunting, when I have cut out biscuits, cake chox, gravy, alcohol, I eat loads of veg and fruit.. I do 25 mins mini trampolining and a really good long walk EVERY day, no kidding..I look - slim - but I know my clothes will fit better at 8lbs less.. I think its just that we need to persevere.. but doesnt it make you mad !!..

Thanks guys for taking the time to reply, I suppose when you are deparate to lose weight that you even get no pleasure out of eating anymore :( that you drop cals, and it makes no sense as it sends the body into a spin and you end up in starvation... You need fuel to fund the weightloss is how I'm trying to view it...

thanks again xx
Hiya, did you find upping the calories helped?
I have recently been eating 1000 a day and found ive stopped losing weight. I was doing 1300, not sure if its since i dropped to 1000 that the losses have stopped. x

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