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Please tell me this is normal


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So far today i have had a chocolate tetra, which i think i will learn to love after i get over the mineral taste to it, also just had a choc mint shake, had really high hopes for it think i used to much water 3/4 pint and may have drowned the taste.
But all i can think about is what i could be eating, please tell me i'm normal and that it does eventually pass.:cry:
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The Diet Guy
You are totally normal!! You just need a few days before ketosis kicks in and the physical hunger etc goes away.

But you will always think about food and remember this diet is only for a while and you will return to food at the end, albeit less of it !



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Thanx guys just having a mini panic that i might cave in think i might get my mouth sewn up and have a hole just big enough to sip a tetra through, problem solved


Cambridge Counsellor
Yes it's completely normal. Don't worry. I find once I'm in the swing of things, I can just ignore most things and get on with it without worrying about food at all. You get the odd bad day when you could eat a small herd of rather large mammals, but apart from that it's fine.


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the only time im not really thinking about food is when im cooking for kids (strange huh), ive never cheated yet and im on AAM week this week, the cravings do get much easier to handle
Try making a mug of mint tea with tea bag, then using this either hot or cold to mix in with your choc mint shake. You'll still need to blend/whisk/shake it .... but more minty flavour - like after eight!! and works hot or cold, or even adding to a choc tetra!