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please tell me


Can hug her knees :)
im not the only one but............
when you read other peoples post saying what they have lost does their loss seem so much bigger than your own? even though you may not be far off yourself?
hmmm not sure if what im trying to say makes sense but I mean I am always amazed at how much people have lost and yet I dont feel as if I haven't lost much, I know im doing great, so not fishing for complinents just curious if anyone else is like me lol

*Okay going to try again when you see other peoples posts of what they have lost im totally amazed and think they are doing fantastic, but I never seem to see the big picture and how amazing I have been too, maybe its because I just update the lbs as they leave my body for good and dont really take notice of the total lost? hope that makes more sense now :) xx
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Looking at your stats, your losses look fantastic. I find myself always looking at others losses and hoping I can do the same which I shouldnt do really because if I go for weigh in and its less then I will be disappointed x
hi misspinkat i know exactly what you mean, you feel good about how your doing but when you read that some people lost up to a Stone in their first week and its taken me 3 weeks to do that you can feel a little bit disheartened but everyone's bodies are different so some people will have bigger losses some weeks than other for instance if i let myself have a little treat i come straight of ketosis where as my friend who has a bit more to loses than me seems to stay in so it just goes to show we are all different and you should be feeling over the moon because 35Ibs is a great achievement and in such a short timer, keep up the good work!!! xx


Can hug her knees :)
thank you both :) still not quite what I meant I am sooooo happy with my losses and really proud of myself, you are both doing fab too :)
Okay going to try again when you see other peoples posts of what they have lost im totally amazed and think they are doing fantastic, but I never seem to see the big picture and how amazing I have been too, maybe its because I just update the lbs as they leave my body for good and dont really take notice of the total lost? hope that makes more sense now :) xx


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misspinkkat - you are making wonderful progress! I know there are people - especially the guys who consistantly lose 5lbs a week - well I know that is not going to happen for me and I know it is going to fluctuate weekly but I figure that every pound lost is making me feel better so every number which goes down is good.
When I am making goals I set myself a goal of 3lbs per week - which is what I based my xmas goal on and sometime si lose more than that so that's even better.
I know what you mean about looking at people's progress and it looks better but then you have to stop and take a good look at your own progress and realise that it all evens out. You have done wonderfully well so enjoy it! :)


Can hug her knees :)
thank you hunni, yes I normally have the hope of 3.5 off per week when I first got that in my head it woked out that I would be a goal by valentines day, which is my goal date :) again I don't look at when I lost 5.8 or even 5.5 that was more than I needed to and it all working out in the end :)
this week I want to loose 2lb and I truely will be happy with that as it will take me to under 200lb :)
but like I said I AM happy with my losses (last week was a bit of a shock but maybe one I needed to get a bit of perspective) and I AM so happy for everyone else that is loosing lb's or stones we're all going the right way :D


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Hey hon.
Just wanted to say I totally understand where your coming from.. A lot of the reason you feel this way is it takes a while for your head to catch up with your body.. I used to always praise others at how well they had done but when people used to compliment me I always you used to say I still have a way to go..; But now Im there and it feels great and accept all the compliments.
You have done extremely well hon and before you know it you will be at your goal too!!!!
Hi misspinkat

Curlywurly's post has summed up how I felt for quite a while - and still do. The head needs to catch up with the body. I did not think that I would be able to dress up for a concert on Monday as I did not think that any of my 'slim' clothes would fit - or I would look stuffed into the clothes.
35 lb is great but yes, I look at what other people have lost and think they are doing better than me.
I think these VCLD's do require us to sometimes have a good think about our reactions, for example, I have got a suspicion that my hunger and wanting to overeat this week is because I volunteered to come out of my usual type of work that I have done for 7 years and co-work with a colleague in a new more acute health care setting.

Best wishes x
*Just poking in from the LL forum*

On LL we have group meetings.... so its not just the forums.... I think in my group I have one of the smallest loss-rates and when someone pulls a 13lb (on around week 7! :eek: ) and someone else pulls a 7lb.... you look at your own 3lbs and begin to doubt its validity.
All together (On CD then LL) I've lost nearly 60lbs... which if I stopped and thought about it is pretty great and if someone else told me that I'd be insainly jellous of them.... but -on me- it just feels like a number... maybe because its a slow week-by-week process, or.... because I still have a way to go. I'm not sure... but I *think* I get what you mean!

I agree with you, that maybe you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 35lbs is amazing.... and you've done great.... do you set yourself mini-goals? For every new stone I break into I give myself a treat to celebrate... and for every half stone I set myself a challenge (Like going swimming, starting the gym, or doing something I wouldnt have felt confident in doing before). I also find that if I try hard enough between stones, lbs and kgs I can be in a new-area every week (like last week I broke into the 12 stones at 12.13/181lbs... this week im in the 170's.... next week *hopefully - as long as I lose 1lb* I'll have lost 60lbs all together)..... Its maybe a bit dumb, but it makes me feel like im achieving something every week, even on small loss weeks.

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I know what you mean and even after the pics i have had taken i still dont "feel" im losing that much although i "know" ive lost quite a bit.
3rd WI tonight and i know its not going to be what i would like it to be but a loss is a loss so i wont be too upset about it :D

35lbs is an amazing loss hun and you look fab fromt he pics i have seen on FB. Dont be hard on yourself and get a move on with the new pics hehe xx
mpk you make me laugh with your attempts to get across what you mean :D x

the head not catching up is the WORST thing for me

yesterday at my CDC house a lady there who walked in to be weighed got chatting to me and said ' but your only a little thing why you still here' ..WELL...that could have knocked me for six... i dont at all see myself as 'small/little' AT ALL?????? its madness .. my head is still a size 22 at times and not a 12/14!


Hang in there and your losses will start building up .... (they're already good ;) ) x


Can hug her knees :)
lol Im rubbish huh? lol well at least getting to the point :)lol
I guess all the latest people to reply have hit the nail on the head and it is a matter of your head catching up with your body :)
curlywurly said exactly how I feel just in a much better way lol xx