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please. x

hey guys!!!
just to let u no im still around just not on slimming world anymore im cal counting and exercising hard and its worked a treat! lost 9lbs in 2 weeks!!! and i feel great im better when theres some discipline lol but can i still write in the slimming world forum? xxx
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Of course you can Huni!!! Any advice, tips and support that you can still give us is always greatfully received.
Well done on the weight loss!!!! Keep it up!!!

i did a bmr online and that came to about 1650 cals so i just sed right 1400 not to much not to little thing is i have done all that eating disorder stuff so i no alot about managing calories now and you shouldnt go below 1200 but it all depends on your height and weight! and activity BUT i lost 4lbs last week and 5lbs this week normal should be 2lbs so maybe i should have had 1600 cals a day at first, you just gota find the balance and now 1400 is great i find easy :) and must be working if you need any thing just ask :) x
thanks hun! yeah i got a brain full ov knowlage in that area so i hope i cn help evry1 as well as me lol and thanks i just need to keep the weight loss up now haha! xxx


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, glad you have found something that works for you and defo keep posting here x
i dont count anything else other than calories :) ov course i eat healthy but one day if i wanted a choc bar id just add it in my cal intake and not worry! coz id still have enough cals in day :) seems to be working well its mega easy!!! lol just have to add :) i seem to be loosing alot better aswell than wen i did SW, when i didnt exercise id loose but wen i exercised i gained was weird!!! lol xxx
hey im new on here
well done on loosing weight.
what, roughly, are you eating in a typical day? i need to loose two stone but need help thnx :)
im having 1400 cals a day ! :) and i eat like soup, LOADS of veg, weight watchers redy meals, cereal bars, i have nimble bread, i eat everything normal and healthy just have to stay in my cal range its really easy actually! i went to asda the other day and bort a ton of low cal stuff its a suprise what you find! and then its easy! im not very good with unlimited i wasnt strict enough on myself i though! im the kind who needs guidelines and a kik up the ass and i bin doing this 2 weeks and i wouldnt do nothing else lol i exercise to :) x
how do you know cal content for 'natural' things- fruit, veg, salad etc?

I can understand appeal of restricting calories if you only eat stuff that says it on the label, but don't know if I could be bothered with working out the other stuff.....

Well done on excellent loss!


is going to loose!
Katherine you can by a food calorie book probably from your local Pharmacy or book shop. It's very easy. Also have a multi vitamin everyday and 2ltrs of water.

But surely not as easy as sw or similar??? Not being disparaging, just looking for an easy answer!!! (aren't we all?!!)
yup and thers loads of online cal counters so its easy :) x
really everyone has there preferance i dont feel starved at all i buy lots ov low cal stuff and fill up and its fine never have below 1200 unless i do a 5am start in wrk im in bed realli early. but iv just found something that i find easy and works for me like SW does 4 u? x


is going to loose!
missrahyp was just wondering if you have set yourself a goal weight? I'm 5ft7 (around 169cm) and aiming for 65/66 kilos, i'm in Australia and we work in metric so not sure on the pounds??

how much is tht in stones ? lol sorry. im 5'8 aim 10stone 7 i think depends how comfortable i feel as i loose i spose i care more bout shedding 2 stone then just concerntrating on fitness as my jobs changin :)
My dad did bmr and lost loads of weight with it and looks brilliant. Well done to you hun. To everyone else you can google bmr and it will tell you how to work out how many calories you should be having and then there are lists as well to help you work out what calories food has. It isn't as simple as sw but its an option.

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