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pls help


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Am going on day 7 tomorrow.. and am getting weak... been thinkn of eating for the past 2hrs.. had to av another bar to curb my hunger and to keep me in the programme.. i know am only allowed only bar, but i had to.. it was either the bar or food.. so i choose another bar.. hope i dont get kicked out of ketosis... am really struggling.. i have got another 11lbs to go, and it seems like forever.. i hope am not boring u all .. i just need ur support. :cry::cry::cry:
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sukie sue

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keep strong hunnie , just look at where youve come from , go for a walk on write down youre thoughts to see whats going on , but do whatever you need to distract yourself , it will pass i promise !!!!
you mad a choice and out fo the two choices you had it was the right choice, you can do it xxx
how are you feeling today? daisy x


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Thanks Daisy.. i feel much better today... i know i can do it...am almost at my goal so am hanging in there.. thanks for your support.. you've all been great..:)


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Good for you for getting back on track. I'm sure that 1 extra bar will not be a big disaster for you. Well done for resisting conventional food though, that is something to be proud of. You know what you want and you are going out and getting it. As you said you are so close to goal so in a few weeks you will be done and will be able to move onto RTM.

Keep with it and you'll be at goal in no time x x


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hey .. blond logic.. Am doing LL .. i have lost 9pounds now, i have got 11pounds to go.. am feeling better today, thanks for asking.
Glad you're feeling better about it vickiabd.

I think BL is confused because you seem to have lost almost half of what you want to lose (20lbs) in 1 week, when in order to start doing the full-blown LL (and not the lite one) you have to have at least 3 stones (42lbs) to lose, and commit for the foundation period of (for ladies) 14 weeks?

Unless your LLC has bent the rules for you? :p


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Are you on LL Lite? Four weeks only?

You won't take 14 weeks to lose just 20lbs.
hi all,

i have done LL before and am a LL returner, i did ll last year and didnt do rtm so added 20lb back.. so am back to lose the weight i have gained..and this time around do rtm..plus i also got a txt from my LLC with an offer to lose a stone in time for summer holiday .. so i decided to go for it..


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I think I know what you are trying to say Vic. As you got to goal before, you can go back to LL for free forever. But now you have gained 20lb and want to loose it you can buy packs to help get the weight off. Am I right?

We were told that once you have finished RTM and are manintaining, you can still anything from 1-28 packs per week to help us get back to where we want to be if we put any weight on. Because you've already been through foundation/developers etc you don't have to do everything again and can just buy packs as and when you need them.
thats very correct becky.. thanks for explaining :giggle:


is loving CWP xx
Not a problem :D

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
sooo glad youre feeling better , thats what i loved about minimins , when you need that kick up the but , or in fact a big hug its the place to be :D
it got me though so much first time around xxx

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