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Point deducted for 4lb loss?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Rainbow.Brite, 12 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Rainbow.Brite

    Rainbow.Brite Member

    Hi guys,

    Last week I abandoned slimming world and joined weight watchers online. I lost 4lbs in my first week and today when I did my weigh in it deducted a point from my allowance. I get the principal of it but surely they can't deduct a point for ever 4lbs because I have four stone to lose? I've seen other discussions about it and I read it worked out at a point deduction for every 8lbs. I'm confused.
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  3. vgstar44

    vgstar44 Well-Known Member

    its prob not the 4lb but more a set weight? I lost 4 lbs my first week and I didn't drop a point so it could be another while before you need to drop again. not sure how they work it out tho.
    hope this helps
  4. Rainbow.Brite

    Rainbow.Brite Member

    Thank you :) yeah I guess that makes sense, maybe it's because I crossed the half stone point his week.
  5. Missa!!!

    Missa!!! Well-Known Member

    I think points are deducted when you drop into the next stone zone if you know what I mean. Great loss :)

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  6. Rainbow.Brite

    Rainbow.Brite Member

    Thanks Missa ^.^
  7. Missa!!!

    Missa!!! Well-Known Member

    How are you finding ww? I did slimming world but went back to ww. Not doing too good at the moment lol

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  8. Rainbow.Brite

    Rainbow.Brite Member

    I like ww because I think it will be easier to maintain long term as you don't have to commit to a green / original day but I also think it's easier to eat unhealthily on ww and fritter points. You get babied a little more on slimming world lol. Aww is there a particular reason you're struggling or just a bit fed up with it now? Xxxxx
  9. Missa!!!

    Missa!!! Well-Known Member

    The cold and depressing weather makes me want to comfort eat lol. Did you try the extra easy plan on slimming world?

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  10. Rainbow.Brite

    Rainbow.Brite Member

    The EE was introduced a couple of weeks after I stopped going to class but I continued to do it after I left and then found out a few months ago I was doing it wrong because is wasn't eating enough of the super free food hahaha oops. Yeah me too, I just want hot chocolate and cake....but that's a perpetual craving I suppose so maybe I can't blame it on the cold lol. My husband and daughter made me some of the weight watchers cupcakes from the website as a surprise the other week :) xxxxxx
  11. Missa!!!

    Missa!!! Well-Known Member

    Really when did you start sw? They Always talk about EE and never talk about red, green or success express in the classes I have been to. Oh well hopefully ww is more clearer for you. Aww that's so sweet bless them. Do you get a lot of support from them?

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  12. Rainbow.Brite

    Rainbow.Brite Member

    I think it must have been about five years ago when I left. It was just before my wedding I think. Omg success express haha I never understood that and have never tried it. Sometimes I do but a minute ago my husband put his hand on my arm in a show of support just before announcing he was going to make pancakes to use up some of the milk haha. Today is so not a good day. Xxxxx
  13. bugsbunny2000

    bugsbunny2000 Proud to be a LOSER :)

    I did SW before and it was good while I was at uni but then my head wasn't in it when I actually went to a group!

    Joined WW as I liked the idea of the app and the points for EVERYTHING and I lost 24lbs on it in 2012! I'm on it again to get even lower before my holiday this year but I do enjoy pro points :) good luck hun! Lovely to see support from family too!

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