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Pointless, but I wanted to share!

So the days of waxing, plucking, tweezing....are now over ?!

Hope you are pleased with the results !
What? I'm lost on this one Claire


On a mission for boobs!
They say they're semi-permanent, but I dont think they will ever actually disappear. I'm supposed to get them topped up once a year to keep them at their best.

But being a goth (or something like that) I draw my eyebrows on anyway, so I've just got them tattoo'd the way I draw them, as opposed to shading of real eyebrows (see my avatar).

I have to say, it was the most disappointingly painless tattoo I've ever had. I could quite easily have fallen asleep while she was doing them. May have to go get a real tattoo now to make up for it! lol!
but that added weight !!! xx


On a mission for boobs!
Haha! That thought had crossed my mind this morning - I think its at least 2lbs of ink! :p


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Jesus...how thick did you have them like?


I was thinking about getting mine done....but I dye mine red to match my hair...might look a bit odd!

Ever thought of the eyeliner tatts too?


On a mission for boobs!
Hehe! I have contemplated eyeliner and lipliner, but my bank balance isnt overly keen on either! lol!


On a mission for boobs!
Its awsome! Because I draw mine on, it was so much extra effort, and people occasionally tried to rub them off! lol! Big meanies!

I'm super loving them! I am happy - my family, however, are probably less than impressed!

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