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points in Easter Eggs ??

I have just checked how many points are in a flake easter egg ( with 2 flakes) eek approx 25 points :eek:

Mini egg approx 24 points with mini eggs
mars egg and 2 bars 22 points

rolo egg and 2 packs of rolos is a massive 36 points OMG.:eek::eek:

These are what my little boy has been given for easter, I don`t think i will pinch any now lol.

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Ive got a small cadbury egg in the cupboard but would much rather have one of my ww choccie puds! hehe ..

thats supper sorted! hehe x


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I couldn't believe one little cadburys egg 3 1/2 and one bite and it's gone. In the past I could have eaten the whole box of 6 easily but not now.

I have a choc raspberry fusion at 3 points defrosting now and I know I'll enjoy it more than the egg and it will last longer too

Irene xx
its all about making the choice Irene isn`t it.
Last year I would have eaten the whole egg and bars too !!!! and probably nicked my little boys aswell.
I have had a flake though, not quite worth the points but had to have some choc.xx
I've been a good girl not had any easter eggs


I ate 4 galaxy minstrels at the cinema today how many points shall i allow for them any idea?
I doubt they are very many points!! It's 12 points for a medium bag 125g...which is quite a bit bag really.

You could count it as 4 bits of chocolate...which would mean 1.5 for 2 pieces. Hope that helps xx
POINT your easter egg before eating it!


just to help u all! x


Cadbury’s Eggs Points are for the Egg and the contents of the box.
Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate works out to 12 points per 100g so use that if you just want to eat the egg!

Aero Egg with 2 Aero milk bars, 197g, per 1/2 Egg 9 Each bar 4
Cadbury's Creme Egg with 6 mini eggs 81
Cadbury's Easter Egg Delight, white chocolate truffles 26.5
Cadbury Easter Egg Delight, mini eggs, 1 portion 34
Cadbury’s Caramel Easter Egg, ½ portion 11
Dairy Milk Variety Easter Egg - 295g 35
Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg - 215g 26
Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg - 445g 54
Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg - 190g 23
Cadbury Dairy Milk With Caramel Easter Egg -217g 25.5
Cadbury Dairy Milk With Caramel Easter Egg - 445g 53
Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg - 105g 13
Cadbury’s Buttons Easter Egg, ½ portion 13 (must be the bigger one!)
Cadbury’s Easter Egg Delight, flake 33.5
Cadbury’s Easter Egg Delight, Roses 34.5
Cadbury’s Flake Easter Egg – with 2 Flakes 28.5
Cadbury’s Easter Egg Delight - 890g 113
Cadbury’s Easter Egg Delight Dark - 490g 65.5
Cadbury’s Easter Egg Delight Flake Moments - 297g 37
Cadbury’s Easter Egg Delight Roses Luxury - 312g 39
Crunchie Easter Egg 585g 66
Crunchie Easter Egg - 195g 22.5
Flake Easter Egg - 185g 22.5
Flake Variety Egg - 305g 37.5
Fruit and Nut Easter Egg - 445g 49
Fairtrade Divine Dark Chocolate Easter Egg1 portion 15
Fairtrade Divine Dark Chocolate covered whole Brazil Nuts (in the egg) 1 portion 15
Galaxy Caramel Egg 31.5
Galaxy Silk Centres Egg 31.5
Green & Black Dark Chocolate Praline Mini Eggs, 1 serving 2
Green & Black Organic Dark Chocolate Egg 1 portion 13.5
Kinnerton Spiderman Easter Egg with 2 Chocolate & Cereal Bars 17
Lindt Gold Bunny per 100g 12
Lindt Bobby the Bunny per 100g 11
Mars & Friends Easter Egg 41.5
Mini Eggs Easter Egg - 99g 11.5
Mini Eggs Easter Egg - 190g 21.5
Mars Bar egg, just the hollow egg 5.5 Two Standard Mars bars 5.5 each
Maltesers Egg 90g - Just the hollow egg (69g) 8 - the Malteaers in the box (21.5) 2
Nestle Smarties Easter Egg - 94g 10.5
Nestle Smarties Easter Egg - 215g 19.5
Nestle Milky Bar Egg - 90g 12
Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Easter Egg (1/2 portion) 15
Roses Easter Egg - 295g 35.5
Scooby Doo Egg (comes with 3 juggling balls) 75g 11
Terry's All Gold Egg, Milk 25.5
Terry's All Gold Egg, Plain 25
Terry's Chocolate Orange Egg 14
Terry’s Chocolate Orange Segsations Easter Egg, 22
Terry's Suchard Easter Egg 49
Terry's Chocolate Orange Egg & Spoon 4.5
Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations Easter Egg 22
Thorntons Jasper Rabbitt, (1/2) 16.5
Thorntons Cube of Eggs 12.5
Thorntons White Duck & Eggs 16
Thorntons Egg Race 12
Thorntons Milk Chocolate Egg (1/2) 10
Thorntons Dark Chocolate Egg (1/2) 10
Thorntons White Chocolate Egg 19
Thorntons Extra Thick Chunky Milk Chocolate Egg 54
Thorntons Milk Chocolate Egg & Buttons 12.5
Thorntons Floral Egg, (1/8) 35
Thorntons Football Egg 12.5
Thorntons Rocket Egg 12.5
omg Thortons easter egg 54 points eeekkk

My friends have a chocolate fountain and always use thorntons choc in it, how many points would you count for that.?????? lol
And we all thought christmas was bad xx
I doubt they are very many points!! It's 12 points for a medium bag 125g...which is quite a bit bag really.

You could count it as 4 bits of chocolate...which would mean 1.5 for 2 pieces. Hope that helps xx
he had that size bag so i dont feel so bad now cos there were loads in there. I was thinking a point a minstrel but that's no where near right.
So it would work out 3 points for a quarter of a bag, so maybe i'll do it as 1.5 sounds ok i think? Cos i had no where near a quarter of a bag!
Thanks for letting me know that.
Im even thinking of saving some points and having a bag to myself now! If i save 2 points a day for the next 6 days i can have a bag... Nothing bits galaxy xxx

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