points in fry light?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Discover Plan Points' started by sona1980, 19 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. sona1980

    sona1980 Gold Member

    are there any points in fry light?
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  3. Madferret

    Madferret Mad as a Hatter

    Not that I am aware of, you can't spray enough to make it worthwhile counting...but my leader did mention the WW oil sprayer on Monday which works in the same way and you can use any oil in it - don't you think Frylight tastes a bit strange ???
  4. sunset

    sunset New Member

    Yes I do, I really dont like it at all!
  5. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    i think it sticks to the food

  6. Patchninja

    Patchninja Full Member

    I have the WW spray bottle and use olive oil in it. Apparently you'd have to use about 30 sprays to get a teaspoon. It's brilliant.
  7. Madferret

    Madferret Mad as a Hatter

    I bought one yesterday - I bought some rapeseed oil which has got half the amount of saturated fat of Olive Oil - haven't used it yet - that's for tonight and my lightly smoked Loch Muir Salmon !!

    Can't wait now!!

  8. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    i think i will invest in one of these bottles on thursday

  9. Madferret

    Madferret Mad as a Hatter

    Used it for the first time last night and it's good - it's nice to be able to use 'proper' oil as opposed to FryLight...

    Money well spent in my case

  10. vodaka999

    vodaka999 Silver Member

    Them spray bottles from WW how many sprays do you have to use to make points

    The lady who sells the goods told us the week they came out they were 0.5 point per spray thats why i didnt bother getting one i just stuck to frylite
  11. Lexie_dog


    I would be interested to know the answer to this for husband. He doesn't really like Frylight (tastes of alcohol to him) but doesn't relish the thought of spending his points on oil either.
  12. Patchninja

    Patchninja Full Member

    I was told that it's about 30 squirts per point! It CAN'T be .5 points per squirt! Have you seen how little comes out? I find it works best if you squirt the food and not the pan as there is so little oil there.
  13. vodaka999

    vodaka999 Silver Member

    According to the box in the meeting it is 0.5 per spray :confused:
    But like you say it would be a few to get a teaspoon full so i guess if you are only having a couple of sprays i would say its ok

    I never count the points for any frylite and i use alot of sprays lol
  14. Purple_Star

    Purple_Star Silver Member

    I also don't count any points in fry light no matter how much I use :rolleyes:

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