Ponytales big bet or The road to the city of gold!


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So I had a bet with my OH Tony. Last one to get a six pack pays for our trip to do the Inca trail! If I lose it will be a long time until I can afford it. If I win we might get to go later this year so I have to stay focused and win! I really want to go.

I'm starting this new diary today to try and help me to succeed. It's not going to be a food diary but more of a mental reminder of why I am doing this and to keep track of how I'm feeling.

I started my weight loss journey almost exactly 6 months ago on July 1st 2014. On that day I was only a pound of 16 stone and the heaviest I have ever been. I think what triggered me getting started was down to my Dad. He is always having a pop about my weight - he can't talk he's no skinny mini - and I got quite cross with him. He then sent me an email saying he was sorry for upsetting me, but that he would like me to think about losing weight as he was worried about my health. Okay I thought, maybe it is time.

I joined slimming world online for 3 months and did well for 3 months until September, managing to squeeze into a smaller dress for a friend's wedding. Then it all slipped a bit in October and the start of November. With 6 weeks to go before Christmas I joined a lose 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks program with a life coach. I was hoping that the life coaching might give me some inspriation to get back in the right frame of mind. My firrst week was brilliant and I lost 7lb, but after that despite sticking to the nutritional plan I was only shifting a pound every couple of weeks and I was struggling to have the mental and physical energy to do the daily workouts. I didn't have the confidence and faith in the life coach and I just felt like it was all a waste of time.

At this point I was finding the nurtition side easy, but just felt like I was plataueing and starting to lose focus. I decided I needed to up the physical side and found myself a personal trainer. I have now been trainng twice a week for around 3 to 4 weeks with Tom, but with Christmas and New Year in the middle I have now put 6lb back on.

My weight this morning is 14st 4 lb.

It's the first Monday of January and I'm feeling focused. I need to combine the exercise and nutrition and kill it.

I have my new jawbone UP24 to help me keep on course and I'm aiming to keep track of my steps, my sleep and my nutrition. I need to keep upping my step targets and make sure I stay active. I also need to get back into drinking planty of water as that has slipped a lot these past few weeks.

Goal 1 - It's 4 and a half weeks until Tony and I go to Iceland and I want to be 13.7 or less when I step on that plane. It's doable. I just need to:

Stick to plan with no cheating whatsoever. Fruit, lean meat, eggs, veggies, homemade soups and sauces etc.
Up my walking. Hit target every day and take a lunchtime walk to keep the steps high. Take the dog for long walks at the weekend.
Train hard with Tom. Get everything I can out of each hour and try to do some extra interval training on the treadmill.
Drink loads of water and stay off the caffiene, sugar and gluten.

If I start to have any cheats or lose focus I need to deal with it straight away. I can come to Minimins for help and support. I can join a SW class if I need to.

Nobody else can do this for me. I have to do it for myself.

Believe, don't dream
Plan, don't Hope
Act today, as yesterday has gone and tomorrow is not yet a reality.

You can do this!!
Feeling a bit tired today. I was up at 6.20 as Tom was due at half past for a training session. I normally try and get out of bed for 6.15 when he is coming round, but that extra 5 minutes in bed meant I wasn't quite ready when he arrived....panic! Luckily Tony was going into the office and was up and had the lights on so he didn't think I was still asleep!

Anyway, I got through the session, but felt tired after.

I had a long leisurely breakfast of Honey porridge and banana with camomile tea and could easily have gone back to bed, but no chance I have to work!

I struggled to get my steps in yesterday. I spend too much time sitting at my desk. I need to be more consistent in getting up and moving around. Last night I had to take Ava on an emergency dog walk to get the steps in. She didn't mind but was spark out on the rug afterwards.

Got to go up on the roof in a bit to put up some additional Fire exit signage so guess I'll have to take the stairs!

Brought lunch to work with me today. I'm back on my standard jacket spud with low fat cottage cheese. Filling and tasty.

Right time to get off my chair and go for a walk!
EEk, been a bit naughty and not had time to come on here. Had other things on my mind with the cat being so poorly.

The number of steps I am taking daily has definitley dropped off. I need to get on top of that. I was doing some work with Ben today and got him to type while I walked around the office to try and up my steps. I also needa fire exit sign refitting. I could get Security to do it, but if I do it myself at least it will add to my steps.

On the positive front I have been eating quite healthily. Porridge for brekkie, jacket spud and cottage cheese at lunch and a healthy dinner. Also been making a real effort with my water.

I have now lost 2 of the Xmas pounds, but need to lose 3lb a week for the next 3 weeks to hit my mini target before I go to Iceland. On the bright side my black work trousers that were too tight in the waist now fit so I think I might be losing inches. I plan to measure my waist when I am at home and remeber so I can compare to my 2 in 6 figures from before Christmas.

It's my last session with Tom on Saturday before he heads off to pastures new. I ordered an 8kg kettle bell online this morning and he is going to write me a workout to keep me ticking over. I also phoned a local trainer in Allesley last night called Paul and he is going to get in touch next week to arrange to meet to see if we get on. I guess I'll give him a try and go from there.

I need to get sorted tonight to do a fasting day tomorrow. In the past throwing a few fasting days into my diet has really boosted my losses. I will try and find time to make some healthy veg soup tonight ready for lunch tomorrow. I will try to get on the treadmill for 20 minutes too.
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I have to say I don't think I could do fasting days, but good on you!! Also well done to you for doing all that exercise, don't forget muscle weighs more than fat! Looking forward to following you on your journey :)
Hmm, well I have noticed when using my UP that I'm much more active at the weekend. I need to find a way to increase my activity levels during the day at work when I'm stuck in my little office and tied to the computer.

There are also too many treats sneaking in!

To combat this I have signed up for a 5k run in March. Not including my holiday to Iceland I now have 6 weeks to get fit. There are a million and 1 different 5K in 6 weeks programmes on the internet. Which one to choose though???

Anyway, I have managed to jog a mile on the treadmill twice in the past 3 days, so I've made a start. Also the new kettlebell has been out to play. In between my normal workouts I'm ginna up my Kettlebell swings and try and do 1000 for the first week, and then up it from there.

Just over 2 weeks to Iceland and I need to start shifting this weight!
Okay, It's all gone horribly wrong in the past few weeks. I've not bene paying attention and the weight has been creeping on.

BUT - that is behind me now. I'm back in charge!

I joined group last night and I'm feeling focused for the first time in ages. I have a new personal trainer and only 2 weeks until I have to run 5K!

This weekend I am going to be healthy and active. I'm going to go out running and do a good long run, I'm going to take the dogs for a good long walk and if the weather looks okay maybe even go out on my bike.

I'm going for a 5lb loss this week as it's effectively my first week. This year has been a wash out so far, but I have to make a speech in front of lots of people in only 11 weeks and being a stone or so lighter would make me much more confident...

Lets do this!!
Okay, so I've been naughty in that I haven't been updating this thread, but on the bright side I have been doing great diet wise and the weight is coming off again.

Week 1 - 7lb loss - yes I lmost fell of the scales in shock. That made week 2 harder as I was thinking I'm never gonna lose after that.
Week 2 - 1lb loss. It was tough weerek after the big loss the week before and a naughty slice of bread pudding. Still it made me focus
Week 3 - 4lb loss. Yes I was very happy with that. I think doing my 5k run at the weekend followed by a couple of miles on the treadmill a few days later helped with the loss so I have tried to keep up some running but only managed one run this week. Must do better, although it is star week so a bit worried ofr my losses tomorrow. Only time and the scales will tell!
Well here I am again and having had a few really naughty weeks I need to get back to the focus I had when I first joined SW group.

On the bright side I have been chipping away at it and I've lost every week, even though sometimes it's only been half a pound. I am now 13.5 and only 12 pounds away from my initial target weight. Once I get there I will review the situation as I still want that 6 pack and I'll have to get my BMI right down to achieve that.

I only have 3 weeks until I have to make a speech in front of loads of people but I can still make my taget of 13.2 which is my group club 10. When I get there I'll also have a BMI of less than 30 for the first time in years. Oh to only be overweight rather than obese.

Right better go as I have a horse to sort out before Roller derby. Lets get doing that Body magic!!
Arghh, came out without my food diary again today. I must get my head back in gear. Had a slightly naughty lunch - a cous cous salad with blue cheese, but it could have been worse I suppose.

Tonight I'm going to get on that treadmill and burn off some fat!!