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Poor Hubby - he started CD today

Bless! I started CD on Sunday I am on day 4 and loving it! I have really sailed through so far and it's just been great. But poor hubby, he started this morning and he's struggling with the whole not eating thing!! He was also hungry today so he's not happy! He is so used to munching all day!

I feel very sorry for him, but just keep telling him that as soon as he is in ketosis it will all be better and that the weight loss will keep him motivated.

I really hope he can stick to it, as I think we need to do it together - not that it would stop me if he gave up, but I would just be so happy if we can lose the weight together!

Has anyone done this with their hubby's?

The one thing I'm not happy about tho is that if he does stick with it, he's gonna be lighter than me soon!! Never mind, I just can't wait for us both to be healthy!
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Tell him to pleeeeeeeease hang in there! Guys just shrink so quick on the diet and he will love the results.

Hubby and me have done it together. I started about three weeks ahead of him while he worked himself up to the idea. It's been great we have really supported each other and now both feel the benefits of our own weightloss and eachothers too.

I'd recommend it. My hubby took about a week to get over all the aches, pains and hunger but was fine after. I never thought he do it to start with but he's proved me wrong and got to goal and is maintaining.

Wishing you both loads of luck.

Dizzy x
My OH tried to do the diet and lasted for 2 days he was sooo angry (like a bear with a sore head) he was snapping at everyone so we decided it would be better (and healthier for everyone else) if he stopped LOL He only wanted to lose a couple of stones though which he managed by just cutting out white bread and going to the gym a couple oftimes a week *bitter? jealous? who me? never!!!! :) *

I hope your hubby manages to stick with it though, it will be sooo worth it for him, and it would be lovely to do the weightloss journey together xx
Thanks Mike.

I was the same with my hubby Dizzy. I had a struggle trying to convince him it was a good idea that I was doing it, then all of a sudden, he agreed to do it with me (I didn't even ask him to!).

He has about 9-10 stone to lose and he is as desperate as me so I think he will stick with it. Mrs Tweedy, it is sickening isn't it how men seem to lose it so much easier/better than we do!!

I think once we both starting to lose the weight, he will stay motivated.
Thanks Mike.

I was the same with my hubby Dizzy. I had a struggle trying to convince him it was a good idea that I was doing it, then all of a sudden, he agreed to do it with me (I didn't even ask him to!).

I think once we both starting to lose the weight, he will stay motivated.
I think that's the best way they need to make the decision for themselves. I didn't think he could do it so didn't push him and was shocked when he said he would give it a go.

It great to have the old hubby back he is not only fitter and better looking but he is so much happier and more confident again. Like his old self again. Same goes for me too (well most days!)

Dizzy x


Focused & goin for goal!
My fiance is doing it. He found the first week and a half quite difficult. To be honest I would never have thought he could do it but he has stuck at it 100% (even over xmas). I'm really proud of him.

Have a look at his pics:

http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e85/fiojamdrum/Weight loss/SSA50228_2.jpg

http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e85/fiojamdrum/Weight loss/Picture4.png

http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e85/fiojamdrum/Weight loss/Picture5.png

He still has a little way to go but is doing really well in a fairly short space of time.

If your hubby can get over the first week or so I'm sure he'll love the fast results ( as we all do!!)
Wicked photos, what a change!


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fiojam...his eyes are bigger now! maybe cos the cheeks have shrunk? lol. well done to both of u.

i suggested my hubby try CD when he complained about wanting to lose weight...he only has about 2 stone to lose (if that) but he looked mortified at the idea. could see him trying to formulate an answer that wouldnt offend me as a CDer lol.
My dh is doing it with me too. We started the same day (day 10 today). I think he is struggling more than me but has stuck with it so far so I'm really proud of him.

Pele. :cool:


Guess whos back...
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Bunny, get your hubby to come on forums and chat to us blokes, a good bloke chat with oil grease and all that muck will get him in the spirit...............

Its hard starting out, but like Mike said, we can shed pounds like theres no tomorrow so keep him on track and he will love the new him...
Thanks everyone! I will see what I can do about getting him on here!!

he is REALLY struggling today and I think on the verge of giving up, but I am trying really hard to keep him going.

Hope he reaches Ketosis sooN!!
I so hope he hangs on. It's a shame. I found that early nights really helped at this time for me. I know my hubbie doesn't do early nights I think he thinks he's too tough to need extra sleep unless it's in the morning of course. The only time he wants an early night is if I try and get him to do DIY.

Says a lot for the sex life eh?

Do you think hubbie would be open to an early night and maybe a relaxing massage. It may just be what he needs to get him through to the comfort of ketosis.

Dizzy x
I hope he hangs on too!

I have tried to suggest I run a nice warm bath for him to relax him but he just said no straight away. I will see what he says about the massage, but he's really grumpy at the moment!

It's hard, cos it's been so easy for me. I try to keep encouraging him, but at the end of the day, he is the one that has to do it. I just hope he sticks with it long enough for his first WI and then that will keep him going!
Just asked hubbie what he would say to another bloke struggling with the early days of CD. Here's his answer, drink more water, occupy yourself with work, think of how you will feel at goal (knowing that goal is only X months ahead) Men easily lose 1.5 stones a month. Within a week or ten days it will be easy won't even think about it anymore, part of life don't even think of food anymore.

My hubby's sitting in his chair looking trim, good looking, years younger and so much happier. That can be him too in a month or so. Sometimes thinking of months to come can seem long, smetimes it is easier to think back the same amount of months and then you realise how quickly the time passes. This is a really exciting time for you both. Good Luck with keeping him going. He will kick himself if he gives up.

Dizzy x

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