Poor loss in 3rd week?


S: 15st9lb C: 12st5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 3st4lb(21%)

I've just finished the end of my third week on LL and am feeling a little disheartened after today's loss. Despite losing 14lbs in my first two weeks, today the scales only showed a 1lb loss. Now I know 1lb off is better than a lb on, but I've really stuck to this diet and drank all the water, and I did expect it to be a bit more than this. Has anyone else experienced the same thing, or got any tips for me?

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fluff...it might be TOTM, perhaps?

somtimes, you may lose inches in a particular week but not that much in weight.

dont get discouraged though - im sure next week, you'll be a great 'loser'.

keep us updated about it!
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Hi Fluff

It is normal to have to lose less weight in the 3rd week. In the first two weeks you are losing your gylcogen stores.

Don't get disheartened because there may be weeks again when you will have less weight loss than others. There were times when I just lost the 1 or 2lbs, but it did pick up to 3 - 4 or even lbs a week.

Everybody is different and therefore your weightloss will be different.

But you will see results. Good luck.


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Fluff, don't see it as 'only 1lb' in week 3; see it as 15 lbs in 3 weeks which is amazing !!!! You couldn't lose over a stone in 3 weeks any other way plus 14lbs in 2 weeks is a fantastic achievement. :)


Please don't get disheartened. My sister only lost 0.5 in her 3rd week, but now after 6 weeks she has lost 1 stone 11, so please carry on. It will work for you. Bodies are strange things and I don't know what happens when you start doing SS, but in the end, it all balances out.

And I only lost 2lb last week (week 5) but then this week I lost 5! So work that one out!

Anyway, keep shaking!:) And good luck!:D

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hi Fluff - I've just been so relieved to read this thread - and am totally behind you here - I lost 15lbs in first two weeks, but then put on a lb last week (week 3 weigh in). Really disappointed - but I know I've lost inches.

Week 4 weigh in tomorrow night so I'm hoping for a few lbs. Will report back later! When is your week 4 check - you're obviously about the same start week as me and nearly identical weight loss too.

will keep in touch - hang in there.


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Lots of us have experienced this and what you NEED to do is forget what the scales say any one week and only ever look at it over a few weeks. The losses for some of us fluctuate all the time, and although a low week can be disheartening it pretty much always balances out. I was starting to get really hacked of because for 3 weeks in a row I felt I hadn't lost much (it was 2 then 1 then 2) then all of a sudden I lost 5 on the 4th week. So after that I stopped reading into it.

I only look at it over a period of at least 4 weeks now!

Relax, if you are sticking to it, the weight WILL come off!



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Yep, it really fluctuates - but as others have said - look at the big picture. Don't focus on the weekly loss. I have had weeks where I've lost 1lb other weeks may be 6lb. Over the weeks you will see an average emerging, much higher than any other diet. My AVERAGE is 3.5lbs - although it is slowing (and i'm not cheating) as I'm facing the final stubborn stone+.

And remember now the glycogen has gone it really is FAT you are losing.


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Glad you stuck with it :) Great weight loss!


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I only lost 1lb in week three too!

My losses have been

wk 1 - 8lbs
wk 2 - 6lbs
wk 3 - 1lb - I almost cried
wk 4 - 6lbs!

I think you just have to keep going - my LLC says a pattern does develop with weight loss, and after a couple of months you will know when you are having a 'bad' week!

7lbs is great - you did well.


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well done fr keeping n track despite disappointment - a huge step to staying on track in itself so well done PLUS it "caught" up this week so even better news eh!