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Poor wi AGAIN!!!

What is bloody going on?? Three poor wi's in a row.. I am 100% ss.

I did LT last year and never had such crap losses. I know that I am nearer to target than I was when I did LT but still, its very disheartening. I also know that with only a stone and a half to go that on ww I would probably be lucky to lose a pound a week, and I have NO intention of giving up, but what could it be??

Should I knock the bars or water flavourings on the head?

Any advice??
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needs a real kick in the
10 weeks at 2lb a week, is 20lb. thats just over a stone and half, you can do it. maybe try a week without the bars and see, you are doing really well nearly 2 stone in 6 weeks, thats great. take your measurements you may find that helps.
out of curiosity, what clothes size were you to start and what are you now just to give me a boost cheers and good luck xxx

I was in an 18. I am now in a 16 but some of my 16s are pretty loose. I am quite tall though and have never really had the thing that some of the other girls have had - one stone=one clothes size. For me it is always been nearer two stone=one clothes size, but sure everyone is different!

Thanks for your reply!


can see the end in sight!
I'm the same august bride, it's 2 stone per dress size for me. Keep going, you will get there.


needs a real kick in the
you should be a size 12 roughly for your wedding then , thats great,
i go funny, i stay an eighteen and fourteen for ages but hit 20 and 16 for about half a stone, depends on shops aswell, i have dropped into my 18s just, 20 is big now but some 18s a little tight, few weeks and the 20s can go yey. keep trying on my 16 can get them done up led down but cant stand lol. not going to wear them till they are comfy. probably at about 13st maybe 13.7, getting there.
i am soo loving the diet i feel excited again today, my partner said as much as he wants to support me and is proud of me im doing his head in lol.
eyeontheprize, you are doing fab, 2 stone left, you will be there in no time, all that hard work obviously pays off
Claira, you will be surprised how quickly things will fit you! I had a pair of 16 trousers that were way too small when I started and after about 2 weeks they were perfect and then about 2 weeks later they were swimming on me!


needs a real kick in the
cant weight, im sooo excited...
i need to get a life lol
got to go out now, back later girls have a lovely day xxx


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augustbride - I am exactly the same the losses have really really slowed down - and im 100% too - thinking of what I'm going to do for tonight, either drop the bars completely or only have 2 a week as I'm thinking like you am I too carb sensitive? Keep going tho hun, hard as it is at times, you're doing soooo well! xx
I think you are right alexmummy, I will cut the bars down for a week or two and see how I go.
It's hard isn't it as the bars are scrrrumptious!! but at the same time I really want the weight off and gone for good, so if that's what it takes then so be it, I might switch and have mixamousse instead...ive got a lil bit left in the kitchen...yummy! I just think I need something to 'eat' than just drink so I may try maybe 2 bars, 3 days of mixamousse, and the rest have soups...it may work that way. x
Hi August bride and Alexmummy, I honestly think you're both doing brilliant and I think over 2lb is good loss. In fact anything is in the right direction. Every diet I try stops working completely, even Atkins. So I'm happy whatever I lose but in a few weeks you'll be thin!
Thanks for the encouragement about the clothes. That's what I'm really looking forward to. My clothes are still the same really but I know in a few weeks they will be too big. Ican't wait!
oh just to point out my last loss was 1 3/4lbs and tonights is looking to be even less x
People say you plateau as your body adjusts to the changes. Maybe in a few weeks it will start to come off quicker again. I met my cousin last night who is a doctor. His father was huge, my mum's brother - maybe 30 stone or more. Anyway, my cousin has tendency to be fat and has been but now in his 50s he's entering bodybuilding competitions and he's aiming for 5% body fat. I asked him how he did it and of course other than the exercise, he said water. He says iced water speeds up you metablic rate enormously. Your body needs to keep working to flush it all out. That's interesting isn't it, are you drinking enough, I really struggle with it but since last night I've been drinking all day!
I'm drinking 3l's a day so yep - just slowed down on me - as predicted w.i. was bad - only 1/2lb for me tonight - feeling v down but not out, not by a long way x
I have also had poor losses for the last two to three weeks, and am going to try a week without bars and water flavourings - just to see if it has an impact - please could you post to tell me how you get on, and I will do the same?
That is disappointing Alexmummy I know how you feel. It happens to me on every diet I've done. I'm praying I keep losing on this. What does your cdc say?
Alexmummy, you have done so well to come this far! It is still going in the right direction, so hopfully this is just a plateau. Good idea about the mix a mousse, will give it a try instead of bars.
No problem - I'm happy to keep this thread going, as I really feel I need to 'talk' to people who are in the same situation as me at the moment with the slower loss/plateau.
CDC has no idea - she thinks I need to eat more at the moment, so I'm allowed one more week on plan before having to do 810 again next week. I have dropped down to 3 bars this week, although I'm going to aim to only eat 2 of them, and have mixamousse/soups the other days (I'm not a lover of the soups at all and have avoided them for about 3 months now)

What days are everyone's weigh ins?x
I had my weight in today, wish I hadnt as its nearly TOTM and i blow like a blowfish, I lost 3IB but overall I lost 10" so im happy for the inches, im not cheating and drinking 6L of water a day, maybe I need to cut the bars out as I have three shakes and a bar a day, but CDC said that was totally fine, will have to read more threads to see what people think of them.
Hi witchy my CDC seems to think the bars are fine, but I've read of a few people who have lost more without them, so I'm cutting them right down for the week.
Was the 3lbs for one week, or for more than 1 week? As for one week 3lbs is good :) x

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