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Popped in to say hello - first time in nearly a year!

S: 14st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 2st2lb(14.78%)
Hi all, I don't know if any of the old hands remember me, I did LL last year, reaching my target the week before Xmas. I didn't do RTM but took things easy and didn't go mental over the xmas period. I also pretty much dropped off the forum completely - for that I apologize girls as the support I got on here was invaluable at the time.
Almost a year on I am still within a few lbs of my finish weight. I have gone up a few and down a few. If i have had a lot on and simply been living the good life too heartily my weight can creep up pretty quickly, but without stressing about it I don't let it get too far and cut back for a few weeks to get back into me 'box'.
Losing 3 and a half stones has changed my life. My new regime involves walking the dog twice a day at least every day without fail, I keep a food diary which along with the exercise really helps me to maintain a healthy weight.
I turned 40 back in Feb, which was my original motivation to lose the weight and I can safely say that so far I am loving my 40's!
Along with my best friend I completed the Edinburgh Moonwalk Marathon in June in 6 and a half hours. We then went on to climb Ben Nevis is August, I could not have done anything like these things a year and three and a half stone heavier ago.
I just thought that my story might help the fantastic peeps who are currently going through their LL journey, this is just the beginning for you. Life is out there in all it's glory waiting to welcome the lighter you!
Lots of love
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S: 14st11lb C: 12st1lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 2st10lb(18.36%)
Wow, what a really lovely post! I'm currently on week 8 and already I feel so different, so I can't imagine what I'm going to look like in a few more weeks. I truly can't understand why LL gets such negative press as it really is the best thing I've ever done!

Well done you on all you have acheived since reaching your target weight, and it's great to hear you've managed to maintain the weight loss by just be being careful. My ambition is to run the London marathon so watch this space!

Once again thank you for sharing your story...it really is an inspiration to hear of such acheivements :D

Pink x


Silver Member
S: 17st3.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st8.5lb(9.32%)
Hi Scottishlass, as pink says thank you for your post it means a lot to us who are just starting out (im only only my 2nd week) and got a lot more than 3 and half stone to lose, but so far so good x
Hi Scottish Lass
I remember you well.Well done you for staying in control.
Thanks for coming back to tell everyone. i agree - LL can really change your life. it has done for me too.
Don't disappear for so long next time. Success stories really help those coming along behind us. It makes people realise they can do it too. xx


I will do this!
S: 14st9lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 1st2lb(7.8%)
Hi ya September buddy! I'm still here and ladyee is around too. I'm 16 weeks pregnant now so weight loss is not featuring in my life ha-ha but trying to keep things under control and know I'm not 'eating for 2' but I am making food choices that impact on 2! I put on about a stone before getting pregnant which I hated, but have to remind myself I'm sill 5 stone lighter and this pregnancy has been much better than the first because of that. So glad to hear how well you are doing xx
S: 14st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 2st2lb(14.78%)
Hi SB, glad to see you are still going strong. You and BL, Jez and a few others were my complete inspiration! I promise to be around more to see if I can help in any way.

Gemma - congratulations on your pregnancy! It's fab news, all things a changing for you. You sound like you are not stressing about your weight whilst pregnant but keeping a steady head on. I ate for Scotland whilst I was pregnant, think that was the beginning of my weight problem to be honest. I'm off to see if I can track Laydee down on the forum.

S: 15st6lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 3st5lb(21.76%)
Hey all
I too have been awol for a while ......nice to catch up with your news...especially Gemma - am thrilled for you:D
I was doing ok but picked up a virus 3 weeks ago and have relapsed into gorging on carbs ...scary how fast the lbs can go on! Anyhow am back on the right road and doing a quick refresher to get back in control of my eating.


I will do this!
S: 14st9lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 1st2lb(7.8%)
hey looby, so great to hear from you! Lovely to see all the old September ladies back here, all for different reasons.

How's your son? Hope you are both well. I found out this week I am having a second boy, thrilled with the news. Harrison will be here in April and soon after I will be back on packs as I am desperate to get back to target and feeling a $million again!
It's just like old times ladies, seeing you all back here. We've missed you.
I'm still in touch with BL. I'm sure she'll pop back on here soon.
Wonder what Jez is up to though.....................?
I've also been off the grid for ages but wanted to let everyone know that I am still maintaining my weight after completing Lighterlife just under three years ago. I wanted to let everyone know that LL changed my life forever and that it can be a long term solution if you continue to follow the precepts of the programme. I still write down everything I eat and, after vowing I wouldn't get all obsessed with exercise, I am now running, doing yoga and dancing to keep the weight off too. Having said that, I was bone idle up until about a year ago, but decided I'd like to eat a bit more and that meant a compromise. I think one of the big things I learnt (and am continuing to learn) is that being thin doesn't make me happy. Happiness is a choice and it's always in our grasp, whatever our weight. I still struggle with self image and there are other issues now (sagging skin being the most obvious) but I have so many strategies that get me through negative thinking cycles and that's all down to the CBT I had during the LL programme. I lost around 6 stone on the programme and have lost more since, almost without thinking about it.
My advice to anyone on the programme is to embrace the CBT and do the homework - it really does work!
Best wishes,

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