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Poppyseed's diary

I seem to have spent many hours over the last couple of weeks reading threads on this forums, and what a fantastic place it is!
What struck me most was the diary threads. Everyone is different although we're all working towards the same goal of losing weight. Some are positive, some are struggling but it is so inspirational to read all the posts from shrinking people week after week that I though I should start one and become part of something great :bliss:

So here I am, one week into Lipotrim. I have been on a diet since I first joined WW when I was 20. the lightest I ever remember being is 13st 10lb, at my heaviest and lowest point I was 18+. I have never been able to eat food without feeling guilty, or been able to diet without wanting more and feeling deprived.

I honestly feel like I've found a key to secret club! I'm not saying it's easy - cooking for my three daughters and husband has been hard at times this week, but when I look at the loss it is more than worth it.

My aim is to be a normal size. To buy a dress from Top Shop or a top from Gap (That's not a men's one!)

I know People who don't understand this diet criticise it and claim it's bad for you but then I don't believe that being morbidly obese is very good for your health. The critics are usually a "normal" weight too. They don't have the ability to understand what it is like to feel pretty useless about yourself when it comes to losing weight.

Days 1-4 were pretty hard. Headaches and feeling groggy, but then I've felt fantastic since. Here goes an awful lot (I hope!!!)

Thank you to everyone who posts in the whole forum, it is an absolute lifesaver :hug99:
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Hi well done you, this diet has made me feel so healthy it is getting rid of all the bad stuff in side of us!! This is my week 3. I know what you mean about cooking for the family, my kiddies always say mum you got to eat or you will be ill, ive explained to them im having shakes as my dinner they dont understand, altho they have notice i have lost weight on face and waist so all good good. I felt groggie on day three i just drunk loads of water and it did finallt shift. You are so right this site is excellent we are all in the same boat and helping eachother
Keep up your good work hun your doing so well
Welcome to the club, lol. I’ve just finished week three and last week was hard, lots of cravings and feeling empty, but things are a lot better this week, so in my opinion, thing do get much easier. I had a lot of cravings on and off, but they seam to have diminished, I think most of it is habit.

I know it’s tough but it does work! Good luck.
Pants :(

I ate a piece of chicken while I made the kids tea. Can't believe I can manage 9 days then break like that. Immediately regretted it but know I just need to get on and put it behind me.
Hi Leluna thanks for that! I've just read your diary and it's so good, you are doing so well :)

My husband (who is hugely supportive :)) got on the scales last night and was so pleased because he'd got his body fat down to 16% - He cycles about 200 miles a week so no great surprise.

I thought I'd see what mine was for fun. 43.6%. No fun at all, I was devastated.

I have to do well on this now. I'm aiming for a realistic 35%.
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Day 11 and another notch in on the belt. Feeling really good about everything today.

Even think I can sit with hubby tonight while he quaffs a nice bottle of red and I down a choccie milkshake :drool:
Thoroughly miserable at this moment. In the Trafford Centre, husband has taken our 3 girls to get a squidgy cream cheese pretzel for lunch so I've brought the shopping which includes an M&S mother's day meal for 4 (excluding the mother) back to the car to sit and wait for them. It is so hard! I'm starving and feel like I'm missing out on being normal :(
Hi poppy, I dont think we have spoken before, so thought I'd come say hi and let you know there's another person here behind you and believing that you can stay strong. Your doing so well :) !!! This is an incredibly difficult journey and if you can even do the first week your a bloody amazing. Keep in the front of your mind how proud you are to be succeeding every day, I stick a gold star in my diary at the end of each day and remind myself I'm bloody AWESOME for being so strong lol. I know you are sat there feeling crap cuz your family is getting to enjoy yummy food, but instead sit there and think WOW I never knew I was capable of this! I'm so strong and so proud that I haven't gone and eaten a cheese pretzel (whatever the hell that is?!!) lol. Don't get yourself into the habit of feeling sorry for yourself cuz I did it the beginning of this week and found myself feeling weaker. Instead praise yourself for being amazing and strong and remind yourself of your goal. Plus, that pretzel won't taste half as good as being slim and confident and happy feels!!!
Stay strong and know that you are incredible for how well you are doing. And don't feel low about what your missing our on cuz you will be gaining something so much better!!! Xx


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poppyseed said:
Thanks Squeeze you're right! We're back home now and I'm just so pleased I didn't give in :)

Well done Hun, u can do it.

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Mothers day and it's been quite easy today!

The rest of the family are about to tuck into their M&S mother's day meal for 4 and I'm going to have a lovely bath with my Lush bath bomb they bought me.

Feeling contented :)


Sensibly losing :)
Well done you!!! Thats lovely to hear! Shame I am not joining you with that feeling... currently feeling deprived, miserable and smelling sausages in the kitchen and wantin some!!! LOL! Shall be strong, shall be strong...!!! LOL! REPEAT THE MANTRA!!! lol! XX
Lol hope you didn't give in last night Donna!!:D

My God weekends are hard aren't they?

Weigh in tomorrow but I don't think I've lost too much this week for some reason :mad:
Made it through week 2 with 5lb loss so very happy :)

Bit gutted I've got to refeed for this weekend away now but it would be worse if I didn't do it properly. Hopefully won't put too much on and can jump straight back on the shakes next Tuesday :)


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Well done on your loss Hun. N of u eat sensibly, u should b ok.

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