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Porridge advice....

Hi, just after a bit of advice. I am due for my first weigh in on Sat and I intend on getting some of the apple and cin porridge. Firstly, are they nice (have a fear that it will be like eating a bowl of wall paper paste) and secondly, does anyone have any idea what the nutritional values are for the CD porridge as I have rakes of Quakers porridgein the house and it seems daft paying for something when I may be able to "taylor" what I already have. Thanks.:confused::D
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
whatever you do don't eat your own!! big no-no it'll kick you out of ketosis.

When you make up a porridge you'll understand as it is more of a milky pudding type porridge than the real thing :)
It took a bit of getting used to - not the taste but the consistency for me. :) But I do like it :) and both of them, not just the apple and Cin :) If you get the normal you can add a spoonful of pack to flavour it occasionally too :) Choc/banana/toffee and walnut are the ones I've tried so far :)

Good luck - give them a go and see how you go :)
Thanks, I will do that - never thought of mixing some of the shakes to it!! Have just had a choc shake hot - felt a bit naughty as it was like drinking thick hot chocolate - lovely!!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol I love hot chocolate and love the shakes hot :) Banana hot is like custard! lol Chocolate (all of them) I split into two hot chocolates ;). Love having half a pack hot with a bar! lol like hot choc and a bar of choc. peanut bars are FAB!! as are cranberry :)
I luuuuuveeee the apple & cin. In fact, I have it every evening as my third meal. Its sweet, which I like, and yes,it does taste a bit like a comforting pud !!

I find it filling as well. I`m halfway thru week 6 and have had it from the start!
OMG - although this is my first week, I just stuck to choc and choc and mint. I am sooooo going to try the other flavours next week!! and the bars!!! woohoo!!! Whilst I am here, thankfully surrounded by peeps that know(!), can I ask if I am allowed to have a small peice of grilled steak?? To cut a long story very short, I am off back to Brum over easter and my sister (the long legged big boobed gorgeous one!!) has planned a family gathering at a steak house - I would love a little bit of steak (nothing else though) - do y'all think that would be ok?? Thanks.x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I'm not a meat eater (veggie) but if you look at your book on SS+ this will tell you what meat you can have and still stay in ketosis.. it'll not be much and I would have thought it'll be white meat only.

BUT between you, me n' the bed post.. well steak won't affect ketosis but you need to be aware of the extra fat and calories.
I know someone who has a steak and salad now and then :) just remember colourful veggies are normally bad veggies!

You're not allowed bars for the first couple of weeks - sorry to have tempted you, but it's something to reward yourself with one a day later on ;)

Try and stay strong on your meal out.. it'll be worth it! Good luck for your weigh ins :)
You are a star - thanks Purple hugs. I will be good - not putting myself through this to have to start again, lol.xx


Stubborn tortoise
I love the porridge too, couldn't do without it. I like the plain one, but often add 'real' cinnamon to it for flavour.

Don't think about settling for quakers, it won't be nutritionally complete like CD packs are. remember a CD pack, whatever variety it is, is 1/3 of your daily nutritional requirement... you NEED them, and a bowl of quaker oats can't be a substitute! Hope you like it, anyway!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
not putting myself through this to have to start again, lol.xx
Indeed!! Getting into ketosis is tough enough to make so many stumble in the first few days, be strong and you'll be in the promised land! lol

Don't forget to scrap things like garlic and sauces - all bad bad bad! lol

100% is the best way..

I added an egg and mushrooms this week to a couple of quorn burgers.. not sure if was the burgers or the additions, but for my first cheat in 3 months.. it's left me with a 'stayed the same' i'm not surprised, but can't say it feels great.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
thanks last straw ((hugs)) I figured it must be them as i know mushrooms and egg are low carb. :( Ahh well you live n' learn! lol Only have quorn chunks n' mince left now :)


Stubborn tortoise
I didn't know that about the burgers either... they are very low fat so didn't think to check carbs. Still, I am dreaming of the day when I can have one in a granary roll with salad!

Eggs have more fat than we are allowed on ss/810 but I admit I have had a poached egg occasionally when working away as a lo-carb brekky in a hotel can be impossible otherwise if you are a CD veggie on 810... not ideal & not on the plan, but sometimes you just have to make the best choices you can in difficult circumstances.

Purple, I think that 100% is the best way to lose too, but I don't truthfully think your little blips this week will have made much difference - I had sts weeks when on SS and being 100%. The weight always came off the next week instead. I think now & again your body takes a 'pause' to adjust to the weight losses before it gets used to it and drops again. Scientific? Me? !!! Well, makes sense to me anyway. So don't worry Purple, I predict that next week, if you stay on track, you'll get a big loss! Betcha!
OMG - had the porridge this morning, what a fantastic treat - its lovely!!! first weigh in today and 16lb off - lots more to go!!


Gone fishing
Sorry to change the subject but awww orange-sox. Just seen your siggy. You've had a tough time eh. :hug99:
Sorry to change the subject but awww orange-sox. Just seen your siggy. You've had a tough time eh. :hug99:
Thanks for the hugs KD :) I love my siggy, a lovely friend of mine made the graphic for me and I just thought it was so beautiful I had to put it on here too

*thread hijack over lol*

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