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Porridge- honest opinions needed asap!!

Hi all

I see my CD counsellor tonight for my weigh in (yipee) and am thinking about trying porridge.

Thing is, I LOVE real porridge (Quaker oats with milk) and have heard different things about CD porridge (lumps/texture) really dont want to get some to hate it, and despite hinting my CD counsellor hasn't offered me any to try...

which flavour is best? Whats your thoughts?

thanks x x x
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Personally I didn't like either of the two, and threw both away which was a waste, but have seen lots of people who did like them x


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I love the CD porridge and I like both the flavours (perhaps A+C a tiny bit more?) but they do need to be blended with a hand/stick blender to make them lovely and smooth and creamy. (And don't be tempted to add more water to make them more - you just end up with lots of thin porridge-water! :D) I always add a bit more cinnamon too, and perhaps a bit of nutmeg sometimes. Yummy!


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It's one of those marmite things - you either love it or you hate it. But I'd say it's more like Ready Brek than proper oatey porridge.

I love it, but it makes my CDC gag, LOL. :)

I think the only way to find out is to try it for yourself. Get one original porridge and one apple and cinnamon flavour. You could always pay for a couple of extra shakes - just in case you hate it!


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Love it!
Love it!
Love it!

So does my hubby, when we were on sole source we were even having it for tea!


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LOL, conjures up a really romantic picture of the 2 of you eating porridge by candlelight... :D


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I hate the porridge-but then again I've never liked normal porridge! Just decided to try it because everyone was saying how yummy it was.:D Still looked and tasted like wallpaper paste to me....!


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Certainly give it a try. I don't like the soups, so I love the porridge to warm me up and feel like I am eating something rather than drinking all the time. It took a few attempts to get the consitancy/texture right but I've got my own little technique down to a tee now and love it. I add a sweetner tablet to the water before pouring it over the powder, squashing all the lumps out with a fork, good stir (still using the fork) and of course nuking for a minute in the microwave. Comes out lovely and sweet- just right!!
okay.. thanks for all the responses I am definitely going to get 2 extra packs and try 1 of each. Theres a lot of porridge lovers out there!!!! Will let you know if I am joining the gang!!
I don't mind the taste of the porridge but the smell is not good as far as my nose is concerned! I struggle to eat a whole bowl - have it in two halves now which seems to make it easier.


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I have a+c porridge when I am at work. I split it, so have some at 8am when I arrive and the rest at 11am when I get the munchies and everyone else is eating choc!


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It makes me gag, especially the Apple and Cinnamon one.
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Well, one thing I can tell you NOT to do with porridge is add coffee granuals to it. I decided this would be a good idea as I dont drink coffee but needed caffeine today. It was the most revolting thing ever and spoilt my favourite meal of the day :(

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