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Porridge makes me gag


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Do you use a blender on the porridge? I personally love it, but enjoy it much more once its gone through the blender and is smooth!


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I'm with you on the porridge! Started off ok but after day 2, I just couldn't stomach it. Too much like wallpaper paste for my liking!

Will your CDC swap them for you if you can't get on with them?


The normal one I found a bit bleugh at times, but the apple and cinnamon one I could eat morning noon and night.
I cant stand the porridge!!! :9529: Its the most horrible thing I've ever tasted! I started CD thinking I'd just have one every morning and then at least I wasnt going to be living off shakes but I couldnt stomach it. Just the thought of it knocks me sick.

Sorry if this is a bit dramatic!! :p

My CDC lets me swap and I dont like, ask your if they wil let you swap xx


is back to finish the job
I haven't tried blending it - will try that tomorrow morning.

I can swap if I don't like it, will give it another chance, but it really does make me want to heave if I think about it. Had the apple and cinnamon one yesterday and the plain one today, both made me gag. Even adding extra water didn't help.

Might have to live on shake and soup...


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i used to like the apple porridge but now i just cant stomach it! I used to dread the idea of living off shakes and soups, but now its so my way forward!


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I used to like the odd porridge now and again, but all of a sudden I can't stand it now. It makes me gag too. I've got about 3 weeks stock of CD and that includes about 4 porridges. I will just keep them in my stock and use them eventually I suppose. Living on shakes and soup is doable


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I hated the porridge at first too but after a few days, I got used to them. I think I kind of liked the fact that they weren't shakes, more 'food like'.

Maybe give it a few days, see if your taste buds change?


is back to finish the job
I'll keep trying this week with them, but don't think I'll choose them for next week.


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I had 2 porridges a day for the first 2 weeks, then suddenly went right off it and haven't touched any since! My CDC swapped my porridges for me, so I never had to force them down luckily!

i hated the plain one, really had to force it down. tried the apple one this morning and it was ok. i think i might just have it once a week or so. i have tried all of the shakes now and i really like all of them. my bf has tried a sip of a few and he said they taste really nice x x
I LOVE the plain prrodge - I make it really thick and I like the lumps - like badger says, there's something stodgy and comforting about it. I can't bear the chocolate or strawberry shakes though so it just goes to show we are all different! x
Does anyone else find that the porridge is really hard to swallow?

This morning I had to really convince myself that I needed to eat it. Have got 5 more packs of it to get through :sigh:

On a positive note I like the shakes and soup so far.
Yip its vile!!! :D
I hate all the soups too. I'm just living off the shakes which thankfully I LOVE
If you dont like it then ask your CDC to change it for you, mines really good and anything i didnt / dont like she'll exchange for me. Even gave me 3 shakes to cover the 3 soups/porridge i couldnt eat as i hated the taste
I love the porridge :) I add a teaspoon of shake to the plain one(so far I have tried chocolate,choc mint,choc orange,vanilla) and it's yummy.


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I have only recently tried the porrige, my CDC thought i should broaden my diet as all I have is Choc tetras with the occasional banana tetra, i hated it vile, i really wanted to like it but no no no yuk.

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