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I never cook my porridge in the microwave, I just add hot water from the kettle - give it a nice whisk with a little hand wisk and it is all done and yummy.


Stubborn tortoise
I don't have a microwave either. I put it in a pan with cold water & heat it on cooker slowly, stirring with a wooden spoon. I never let it get anywhere near boiling, but it does thicken up nicely... this has been part of my routine from the start. Once I was away for the weekend & tried to make it in mum-in-laws micro, it kind of went everywhere, like the quatermass or something... cooker-top is way easier, but don't let it boil!


Gone fishing
To cook porridge without a microwave, you need use a saucepan of water on the hob, and a bowl over that with the porridge in.

You shouldn't put it in the saucepan or let it have any direct heat at all as it can affect the nutrients


Stubborn tortoise
Y'know, as I was writing the above I had a fear deep down that it wasn't allowed... me and my big mouth! Thanks KD, too late for today, but will try tomorrow. I had been told it was fine as long as you didn't boil things, and thought that if I stopped at heating it to warm I would be OK. At least you have told me a solution - would be lost without my porridge!


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Thanks. Going away in the caravan on Weds for 6 days, gas but no electric or microwave. Can't face a shake for breakfast. Hooked on porridge. I'll try this out tomorrow.

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