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Portion size


Never gets tired of SW!
I think you have to go by how hungry you are at the time and do the old eating slowly trick and stopping when you've had enough! Some mealtimes your body may tell you that you need a big plate of something hearty, and other times you may be satisfied with a small plate of something!! I think the whole point of SW is to feel satisfied by the free foods so you don't go overboard on the naughty stuff! So basically what I'm saying is don't keep portion sizes too small at the risk of wanting to binge later on because you haven't had enough!!! Ooh, and don't forget the 1/3 sf trickXXX
Drink water. Have a tall glass whilst you cook your dinner and then you may find you don't want to eat as much. I think that's the only reason I haven't felt as 'picky' in the afternoons sat here in work.

The plate thing might work but then remember that a third of it needs to be superfree, whatever size it is!
Allie is doing this at the moment - I saw her write about it in her food diary. I think she is eating her meals from a side plate - so maybe she'll pop along soon & let you know if its working for her :)
I always wonder this! I generally just eat until I'm full on ee, which isn't long what with all the pasta, potatoes etc being free! X

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