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Portion Size

Hi all

Quick question... Have tonight bought myself the LLL cookbook (OMG the recipes look lush!!) but all the recipes quote portions instead of weight for the protein and I can't see a guide anywhere in the book. Can anyone tell me what the portion sizes are or where the guide is in the book (figuring I'm probably blind as it makes no sense to me for there to be ko guide). Thanks!

P.S. 3.5lbs off at WI tonight!! Yay me!
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Hi Claire
Yay you 3.5lbs off.
Re the protein portions - LL isn't prescriptive about the ounces/grammes.
A small chicken breast or fish fillet. A rough guide is the size of the palm of your hand.
As my LLC says- no-one ever needed to do LL because they ate too much protein.
My advice would be - relax, don't fret about it, If you think it's a modest portion it probably is.
My word of warning - beware complacency. We all start off vigilant and then protions have a habit of gradually creeping up.:confused:
You'll be fine hun. x
Thanks SB, was beginning to despair! xxxx


Tough But Sexy X
Hi I recently had to mice to lite due to medical reasons. I was given a sheet of paper that had quantities on there, don't have it in front of me but will put them on tomorrow. I wouldn't be too concerned as the quantities are huge I think I mean I can eat but they are too big for me!

As for the book if you like tuna try the tuna loaf it's lush not done anything else yet xx

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If you do Lite properly with your LLC you will get a handbook with the amounts and allowed foods. I think there's a thread on it on the Lite section of this board. I'm on my phone so not sure if I can do a link. If I see it I will bump it to the top for you. xx
Bumped it to the top - thread called help please. Minerva has done a really useful post outlining the amounts and guidelines. xx
Thanks all, I'll go have a look, xx


Tough But Sexy X
Portion sizes:

150-225g Lean red meat
150-250g Lean pork
200-300g Lean white meat
200-300g white fish
150-200g oily fish
200-250g Quorn
200-250glow fat cottage cheese
150-200g paneer or curd cheese
100-200g cooked lentils, beans or peas

Hope this helps xx

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