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Portion size ???


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i just have as much as i want off free and superfree foods there is no set portion sizes, i eat till im full and im still losing :D I know when i get closer to target the weight loss will slow down and mabe plato thats when i will make the changes to smaller portions and less syns :D
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Portion sizes don't matter. However, you are looking to feel full and not stuffed. If you are feeling stuffed after a meal you've eaten too much. You will also find that as you loose weight you won't feel as hungry and naturally you will eat less. Don't feel that because it's on your plate you have to eat it.
A standard portion size is a fist full of each food, BUT, portion size is largely irrelevant on SW as long as you stick to the 1/3rd superfree rule, weigh your HEX's and stop eating when you're full.


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Agree with all sai above, use your feeling of fullness as a guide. You can check my food diary for pics but like the others said, what is a normal portion for one person may be too much or too little for another.


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I find that my portion sizes change a lot as I eat what I feel I need.

For instance, I haven't been hungry at all today so I had fruit for breakfast and 3 grilled flat mushrooms for lunch. Then for dinner, I suddenly became ravenous and had SW chips, melt in the middle burger and a massive salad!

Just listen to your body and you'll be fine :)
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I find I give myself smaller portions of meat and poatoes/pasta than I used to have in the past and try to fill up a bit more with superfree veggies and salad, although my plate size is the same!

The beauty with SW is that there is so much free food, you can have a small portion at your mealtime and know that if you get hungry later, you can just eat something else!

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