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Possibly becoming a Consultant


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Hi, I have been to the Ops event and am seriously considering this. Can anyone give me the low down nitty gritty?

My husband is not 100% happy with me doing it, he's worries I'll burn out and that it's a pyramid scheme that will end up making us poorer!

If you're a C can you share your experience??????
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I haven't got any advice, but just wanted to say best of luck and keep us posted if you do go for it. Reading your posts in the past i think you'd be a great consultant.

It is definitely not a pyramid scheme. But in order to make money you do have to work hard and you don't see many returns until you have been at it for a while.
I looked into it went for interview, got all into it. Decided to.go for it spent about 3 months then Phonics and visiting halls around here and couldn't get anywhere! It looks like a good business venture, may still go for it but would need to have venue in mind

Good luck


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Good luck Shrimpy,

many consultants look happy and fulfilled doing it and SW needs inspired people. However, I was at a group, fairly large with a good supportive and inspiring consultant who was leaving as she was disillusioned, to say the least, with her area leader or whatever they call the one in the heirachy above consultants. She said she had paid out thousands for all the stuff you need to run the group and her training - it works as a franchise if I understood her correctly - and she was getting very little back.

On the other hand I've met consultants who seem very happy with their lot. Venue, as another poster mentioned is very important.

You are very wise to be doing your research like this in advance. Do let us know about your decision.


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I think it will take a lot of mental and physical work and also it does appear to be a franchise. But saying that my c has been doing it for 20 years! and she loves it shes also a fantastic lady, inspiring and down to earth. Just make sure you know everything before you decide to do it ohh and good luck!


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i always wonder how much you make per class - for example - if you have 50 members for a class, what are the returns on that?

Theres been a few ladies on here who have gone on to be consultants. It is really hard work, it is a franchise. It works on the principle that its all down to you, its all your hard work that makes it successful. You do the promo, you sort all the bills, you put the time and effort in and you do pay alot of money out in the beginning. If i remember rightly slimmingworld have an 'agreement' with natwest ( or another bank i forget now) which garentees you a secure loan to get you started. Your royalties you pay sw (if thats the right word) are based on how big your group is and goes up as your group grows. of course theres lots to factor in- promo costs (leaflets etc) merchandise outlays, venue costs.

You also have training weekends to factor in.

alot of consultants are happy in thier jobs, but i remember my consultant telling me, back almost 25 yrs ago when she started being a consultant.. she paid a miniscule amount, somthing silly like 150 to start... so shes made that back well and beyond, but for her time.. there are nights when she just doesnt get the people through the door because they decide not to turn up etc. and it can mean after she's paid sw, rent etc.. it isnt worth it. Other times its heaving and she does well. I think it'd be difficult to rely on it as a wage if you know what i mean, as it can be a little unpredictable. As you can imagine, january and february is always heaving with new members, but tends to dwindle after summer holidays.. or so it seems in my group.

i think they are as honest as possible at the open evenings from what i remember the ladies saying, but it is best to speak to consultants who are doing it themselves to get a real jist of it, aslong as you go in it knowing its going to be alot of continues hard work and your prepared for that and you continue to enjoy doing it then go for it! :D
Thank you everyone for your input. I'm, still very much undecided, I want to do it very much, but I am scared I won't be able to put the time in for it to be successful or I would and I'd end up Bald and 2 stone from never sleeping or eating. I am so very task orientated that I'd force myself to make it work and work amazingly well, I just need to make sure that I will still have time for my full time career...
Jeez Shrimpy - you'd be fabulous - absolutely made for it. But that added together with school would be really tiring. Tough decision - but so was losing all that weight and you did it!!!
Thanks Curves! Yeah, just a LOT to think about!


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As said above, its probably best to speak to your consultant and get advice from the horses mouth so to speak. The thing that personally puts me off is that youre essentially self employed and its all up to you on how successful you are. Ive always considered it to be something that would suit someone looking for part time work rather than those already in full time work. Im not sure id like getting in from work on a friday night after a hard week just to have to ring round members.
I'd say you need to speak to people who are specifically doing it on top of a full time job - only that way would you get a feel for how feasible it is to do in addition to your current job :) Good luck whatever you decide!


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are you able to commit to the friday phone call, and the monthly meetings and the night of doing the class (and maybe a morning)
would your full time carrer be able to work in with that.
you will have to do leflet dropping out on a sunday, and yes the cost is a bit to take in at first, but have you looked at say other franchise's? rosemary conoly is £26,000!!!! :O

also are you in an area where it could become sucsessful? are you going to be able to get about 60+ members?

not trying to be negative, just asking you all the qustions i am asking myself at the moment (as i have my interview on thursday!)

Good luck with your decision...

ps. its not a pyrimid style business... the consultants above you dont earn anything from you, but they do get bonus's from slimming world if they motivate you into working harder to boost your numbers (if that makes sence at all...
Being an SW consultant is the best job in the world for the right person, you get back what you put it. The initial outlay is between £800-£1000 but that includes everything you need to get your group up and running and is inclusive of training which consultants are able to go on again at any point free of charge. Slimming World are the most amazing company to work for!!! Go along to an opportunity event- there isnt any secrets its all carefully explained to you! Husbands/partners/ friends or family are welcome to attend with you x
I have been to two ops events. I am now thinking this might not be the best time :(. I am up to my eyeballs in work and my boss goes on Mat leave in Oct 1/2 term when I step into her shoes. Thank you everyone for you comments... it gave me lots to think about but OfSTED this week has taught me one thing, I don't have time to do this properly at the min!
Me neither, what's all that about?


Will get there one day!
I've never had a Friday phone call either, what is that?

A girl at our SW class had her own group but she said it was too much to do with a full time job so gave it up.

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