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post wi treat

I have been going to wetherspoons for a steak, jp and salad and a couple of beers, but have this week discovered how horrendously full of syns this is :eek:. Had been under the impression that it was one of the best things on the menu to have but apparently it is pretty much dipped in oil and fried.

Lost only .5 lb last week and worried that I will have not done well this week although I have been 100% all week and my wi is tonight.

THinking that Italian and wine may be better. Does anyone have any suggestions re what sort of dish would be least damaging. I can be either red or green today as have only had b/fast so not committed yet, and can't eat anything too spicy, thanks
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As long as you syn it, its fine!
At Wetherspoons the 5 bean chilli and rice is a good choice- just ask for it not to be served with tortillas OR go for the tomato and spiral pasta dish and count the mozzerella topping as your HEX a

At an italian choose pasta puttanesca or some other tomato based sauce (allowing for 1 tablespoon of oil which could be a HEX B) OR meat/fish/chicken with veg
Thanks very much for your reply. Tbh, I think if it was the spoons it would have to be the chilli or jp and beans or the italian option sounds a bit more flexible. If I don't lose though,I won't be going anywhere:(. Getting quite difficult at the mo though so hoping to get out tonight...
When I have lost weight on previos attempts I always went out after WI and had a bit of a blow out. I don't do this anymore- I realised that I was starting a fresh week with a mountain to climb- almost like starting in minus figures because of my treat and I had to work hard just to get back to WI weight again.

Thanks, yes that's exactly how it has felt this week after finding out about the 40-odd syns for the steak. Decided to stay in anyway tonight, have afree chicken casserole and snuggle up with hubby with abottle of wine. Hope I lose something to cheer me up a bit:fingerscrossed:


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I don't go out or have any "treats" after weigh in as, for me, it can become a bit of a habit.
I treat eating out as a really special event that generally happens only every couple of months. If it was weekly, no matter what I chose, it was slow my weight down. I am slow enough as it is!
O God- I eat out at least once a week! I couldn't go for too long as I would feel really deprived- I just make careful choices and plan ahead. I don't see SW and eating out as mutually exclusive.

Anyway- goota go- just off to Nandos and cinema! lol
The reason I dont "treat" myself after weigh in as then I am saying I am on a diet and tonight is my night off. Slimming World is about a change in lifestyle, not a change for 6 days and on the 7th (weigh day) go back to old habits.

If I fancy a take away or a meal out then I will have it, when I fancy it and I just make the most sensible food choice and then syn where necessary, that is what they are there for afterall!!
I have to admit that I am coming round to that way of thinking, although I think if you can possibly eat something sensible then I think it's ok. I do like to eat out though as I am stuck at home a lot of the day so like it when oh takes me for a meal sometimes :). Just have to work on making the syns countable and not totally off the scale!:D
D Wetherspoon 8oz Rib Eye Steak with Jacket Potato & Dressed Side Salad per serving

24 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 24 Syns
Green 29

All I can say is OMG!!!
I think a lot of that will be the fact that on red they are synning the potato (which are BIG) and on green they are synning the steak (huge again)

SW need to get their EE syns re-done. Just taking the lowest of red/green does not work in cases like this as spuds/meat is being counted as syns when it isn't on EE

Obviously they will be synning oil too, but it is not a true syn reflection for EE at all
This is my real bugbear with EE- I eat sushi a lot and it always have syns according to SW but I know it hasn't really. One of my favourite lunches is Marks prawn layer salad which has pasta and prawns in but on green and EE it is 7.5 syns- I know it has sauce in it but some of those syns are from the prawns which I don't have to syn on EE, so I always deduct what I believe is appropriate for the prawn weight syns

Sorry- rambling!

This just really annoys me, because you get people thinking they are aeting within plan, coming home checking syns and completely panicking!

When I googled the spoons sirloin, it came up as more like 40 :eek: with a jacket and peas/shroom/tomato amd said they cover the steaks in oil to keep out bacteria (yuk!). Guess it is really fried rather than grilled. My steak-at the spoons-days are definately over! At least they do jp and beans I suppose! :)
I dont do WI treats .... I have syns during the week for that far more satisfactory for me.
It does make me laugh when memebers weigh in and then walk home via the chinese or kebab shop .... whats that all about !


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