Potato and brocoli bake


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Not sure why the Quark turned to water. I did this recipe too and that didn't happen to me. Did you make sure the potatoes, etc, were well drained and dry before using them?

I'd say just try the lasagne, maybe with a different brand of Quark(?) and see if it happens again.

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Our consultant said she made it last week and it was beautiful and actually looked just like the picture in the magazine.


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I tried this yesterday from the slimming world mag. It was tasty but the quark turned to water.

I would like to try the lasagne today but don't want it to end up watery....any ideas on how to stop this from happening?

You could try my Double Pasta Lasange recipe which is in the recipe sticky. Its been tried and tested and is really tasty. No quark required!


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ooh, what's 'greek 0%'? Is it similar to quark? Made me think of Total 0% yogurt.


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Hi all

I also post on another site & all the feedback from there is that it is a watery mess.

I usually love the mag & the recipes in it. But have to be honest, I thought it was very lacking this time. The food news was almost non existent & bearing in mind it's also the December issue, where were all the Xmas idea's?

Lisa x


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i made a potato and onion bake and mine turned to water too,
not sure if it was the quark but mine was from tesco

Mine was Tesco too
I have 3 more pots in the fridge so will try again... It was ok once I drained off the water though...
I have the same problem when using fromage too:rolleyes: