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Power Plate

Thanks for that Supergran.

I have heard that it is an amazing machine and am vaguely thinking of buying one.

What confuses me is that the price range seem to vary from £129 to £10.000.

I am certainly not thinking of buying in the latter price bracket but would a (much!) cheaper one be a waste of money?


Gone fishing
Thanks KD.

I am a sucker for advertising hype and wondered if it was just another useless gadget.

It does sound as though it could work.

I am just worried about my fillings! :D

Has anyone actually bought one?


please try again
apparently there are a few in belfast, according to my local paper in vidio stores ( we have tanning booths in some vidio stores ) and you pay for 6 minutes
My CDC told me about this last night but i actually enjoy exercise so to me it'd feel like cheating unless i could do both lol
ooooh well hopefully my gym will have one after their refit has anyone tried it yet to see what it's like?
I am certainly not thinking of buying in the latter price bracket but would a (much!) cheaper one be a waste of money?
It depends on why you are buying it. They're great machines when used as part of your workout, but they're not a replacement. What are you hoping it will do for you?
Hi Kate,

I have a Pilates Aero machine with a cardio board and was vaguely thinking about the Power Plate for toning and improving bone density and muscle strength.

I just wonder whether it will do much more than Pilates?


please try again
i might try it, sure it cant hurt to try and see what the results are
i swim twice a week and have a lateral thigh trainer and an ab king at home although ive not used them recently due to just starting ss 9 days ago so dont wont to over do it and keel over
Hi Claire,

I will be interested to hear your views. I am so lacking in energy at the moment that I am doing very little exercise.

The Power Plate looks as though it takes out the effort but I am probably wrong about that!
Thanks CDC.

I am sure I am not the only one who will be waiting to hear how you are getting on with it.

When I first used my Pilates machine, the movement made me feel a bit sick but I very quickly got used to it. Hope the same happens for you.

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