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  1. sascha

    sascha Full Member

    Has anyone tried the powerplate - basically some gyms have this amazing vibrating platform that you stand, squat, do press-ups on for a minute at a time. supposed to be great for cellulite. Madonna has one apparently. invented by the Russian Space program... but other benefits doscovered! I've just started using it adn wondered any of you chaps have yet?
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    My local gym have it and I love it, it is very good for lymphatic drainage.

    Love Mini xxx

    Should add, have not been back to the gym in awhile, but do plan to rejoin.
  4. bindiboo

    bindiboo Hi its me again

    i use one at the gym. great arnt they. I use it after cool down. My muscles dont hurt the next day after using it. Makes your teech chatter though lol
  5. sascha

    sascha Full Member

    A girl I know used it for one month solid and it totally banished her cellulite. but that's all she does. 15 minutes a day.
  6. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    15 minutes is a very long time to use it.

    I have read in magazines that it does work well for cellulite.

    I do body brushing and massage and as such cellulite has never been a big problem for me.

    I do think this diet also helps the skin.

    I have manage about six minutes at most at the end of a gym session, not that fit and need to work on my fitness level.:eek:

    Be sure to let us know how you get on with exercise on the powerplate.

    Love Mini xxx
  7. kirsty2012

    kirsty2012 is gonna shine in 2009

    I have one at home. But don't use it that often, will have to use it more.
  8. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    I really want to have a go of this but i dont think any gyms have one where i live. I cant afford one because they're waaayyy to expensive.

  9. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Looks interesting.....but I have a horrid vision of all my fat shaking like mad....not a good look.
  10. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Thank God they don't have a mirror near to where the powerplate is in my gym, what I DON'T know does not bother me:p

    It is a very strange feeling the first time but you do get to like it.

    Out here with a few more stone off I wold like to tackle some of the more advanced exercise you can do on it, but for now holiding on for dear life and slowly doing half squats is as much as I can manage.

    Love Mini xxx
  11. sascha

    sascha Full Member

    thanks guys. powerplate oddly addictive - and unexpectedly pretty tiring I find... but maybe that says more about my poor technique....!

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