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PP query

Hi Everyone
I'm new to this forum and to weight watchers pro points so I have a couple of questions.

I used to do weight watchers a while back but not since its changed. I want to start back again since I had a baby but I live in the country and by the time I add up bus fares and class fee it's going to cost about £50 a month which I really cant spare right now with 2 kids at home.

so I'm opting to do this from home, I know I get 29 points, then (i think 35) flexible points too for emergency but my questions is about half points. I read somewhere that they don't do them anymore - is this true? so the smallest quantity you can count is 1?

I'm looking at the frozen meals ( I'm not a very good cook) and if you ate one for lunch and one for tea that's only about 18 points, that still leaves another 11 to cover breakfast and snacks. Now that fruit is free it sounds allot easier than last time. I'm off now to read the other posts to get some more tips from everyone.

Thanks in advance for help with this;)
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fruit and veg are free, jellu sugar free is also a good one, but once you had one you got to count the other as 1. Yes there are no 1/2 points anymore. I am doing it at home and have had the ww app on my phone, its great as it allows you to calculate how much pp are in a meal, try it, its free. Also if you like bread, I have started eating pitta breads, with ham salad they are lovely and a lot less than bread. WW bread i find isnt filling enough.

Crunchies are also good 5pp eat them really slow and suck out the honeycomb mmm!! lasts ages and really gives you that choc fix x
Thanks - I see there is a voucher for free registration so I'm thinking I might go along to one class, just to get a better understanding, then try the rest at home myself.

I took a trip to iceland at the weekend and bought 14 frozen meals, some WW crisps and soups too. I've never had so much variety in my diet! I'm also surprised to find how easy it is to stick to if you have the right food in your cupboard. I'm not a very good cook so am sticking to food which has points on the label/ can until I get better at this. I've even saved enough pp for a glass of wine tonight!!!!

Weigh in on Saturday morning - fingers crossed


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Hi dont know if you have a poundland near you but ours does biscuits and cake bars and crisps for a £1. but i agree with you its easier sticking to foods with the points on the labels be careful though cos in some places some still have the old points on. good luck.
Hi Funkycat - I'm doing the same as you, just trying to find my way around it myself. Good luck, I've been doing cambridge for the last 4 months but have cheated so much that I realised I'd rather lose a lb a week that keep yo yo ing. Hope you enjoy it xx PGD
Hi everyone

I've just finished my first week and lost 2.5lb which is cool !!!

I used to do slimming world but found it too difficult unless you do all your cooking fresh - with 2 kids I just don't have the time for myself. The kids wouldnt eat what I made on SW so it was double the work. I'm not sure I'll be able to live off frozen meals for ever but even if I can get a stone or so off and pick up some tips and recipies along the way I may eventually get some time to start cooking again.

I found this site which lists quite allot of pp values which comes in handy.

Weight watchers pro point plan? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers

I also use this one to calcuate pp:

WW Pro Points Calculator

fingers crossed for you all at your weigh in

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