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Pre and Post slimming world food

Hey guys, had lunch with some friends today and we got to talking about eating habits before slimming world compared to what we eat now.

Thought this was a really good idea for minimins! We could all share what we used to eat in comparison to what we all eat now. Show exactly where we were going wrong.

So here's mine:

pre sw

b: nothing

l: pre pack sandwich, crisps, chocolate/cake of some decription and an apple

dinner: lasagne/sausage mash - all made the "full fat" way, creamy buttery - FAT laden!

evening - some more crisps, perhaps a cake (or two), wine!






loads of amazing sw ee recipes that are so much tastier than I used to make. My fav is chicken tikka, raita, rice and salad!! yum yum!!
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Pre was often:

Weetabix and full fat milk
Sandwich and crisps, burger and chips, or pie (fray bentos), mash and beans
Pizza, takeaways, pizza hut, full english......

Snacks were chocolate, crisps, toast (mmmmm toast) and the like.

Post SW:

Weetabix with skimmed milk
Jacket wedges with veg, pasta, WM pitta, salad and chicken, Jacket potatoes
Home made curry, SW lasagne, SW cottage pie, SW friendly full english

Snacks are usually fruit, muller light, or low syn chocolate!

Looking at it, it isn't that different really. But its more a quantity thing with me I think. Full meals for lunch AND dinner.

Saying that, I still have naughty moments! Mainly involving toad in the hole :eek:
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Lady A

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My pre slimming world food was exactly the same as my post slimming world food. All that has changed is that I now use frylight instead of oil and have more fruit and make sure I have salad with my main meals. It's still yum! xx


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Do you know, I can't actually remember how I used to eat pre-SW. How bad (or maybe good?) is that? I've only been doing it for just over a year, I should be able to remember!

I never used to eat breakfast, and when I was at work I'd sneak a pastry at break time. Sandwich, pasta, something with chips from the canteen for lunch, that sort of thing.

I really, truly and honestly can't remember what I used to cook at home before SW though! That has to qualify as a change for life, right?!
I feel completely the same - the meals I am having are really really tasty and very satisfying - it's all about becoming that little bit more aware of how we cook things (butter, olive oil etc).

I actually prefer sw curries to the curries I used to make pre sw. It's fab and makes me think that sw is not a diet, rather it is a change to eating habits FULL STOP. x


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I used to eat so many bad things.

I used to have toast with jam in the morning if I had breakfast at home.. I not then id go to star bucks and get a coffee/mocha/hot chocolate with a cheese pastry or a hot chocolate with an almond croissant or chocolate croissant.

Then lunch would be either a sandwich, pie, Lasagne, crisps, chocolate, puddings..

Supper was take a way a lot of the nights..

Uff. It's awful thinking back now. And I've only been on the plan for 3 and 1/2 weeks now.


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I think the biggest change for me is lunch, I am always manic at work, so used to grab on the go such as asda sandwich with a bag of beef walkers or one of the guys in the office would grab me something from kfc or greggs (usually a sausage roll + steakbake)

Now I have veg & lentil soup (in a flask) or a chicken salad or a ham sandwich on wholemeal with fruit!
Pre-SW I just consumed too many sweet things. I love baking in my spare time and so keeping my hands off some of those cakes and pies from the bakery shops has been a real task, so far so good though!


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Breakfast wasnt that different for me then than it is now, as I have always been into cereal - but before it was more likely to be a big bowl of coco pops or crunchy nut cornflakes. Sometimes would have porridge - bit it would have been more than 28g!

The work canteen for me used to be a huge downfall - they did the best Pasta bakes / lasagnes etc smothered in cheese...and the portions were very generous! Late aftenoon, probably a chocolate bar with a Latte or Mocha.

Then wine at weekends, followed by a kebab / burger on the way home.

Makes me shudder to think...What was I doing!?

B - fruit & yog, egg on toast, weetabix
L - soup, salads, pasta bake - sw style!
D - sw wedges, fish & roast veg, SW curry, Sw lasagne... there are soooo many options. Love trying new receipes :)
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Pre SW
B - toast
L - Sarnie
D - Toast
I would eat plenty of fruit during the day but rarely (2-3 times a year) ate anything that required a knife and fork due to being so fussy it was easier to stick with bread as I liked that!!

B - porridge fruit
L - salad/soup
D - tikka masala/quiche/chicken leek pie or what ever SW recipe I fancy :D
Still eating plenty of fruit too

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