Pregnancy and Cambridge


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Quite a few people have got pregnant on SS or SS+. I have been trying all along so I wouldn't let it stop you. You'd just have to move up quickly if you find out you are pregnant. Good luck!


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A CDC should be along to advise but I'm pretty sure you need to come off it as you will need more nutrition.


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You would need to come off I believe. I couldn't eat when pregnant for my daughter and I went into ketosis. The midwife made me sit through all my diet and told me to make sure I tried to eat more carbs. I didn't know what all this meant at the time lol.


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Hiya, I have known 4 ladies to fall pregnant on CD...3 on SS and 1 on the 1000 plan :) Good luck!


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I am a CDC and I advise not to continue with CD if you are trying to get pregnant. Try another diet such as weight watchers.


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In the pregnancy without the pounds forum the majority of us have gotten pregnant whilst sole sourcing ;) You have to come off Cambridge as soon as you know you're pregnant


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kelliebobz, you can test quite early on to see if your pregnant. work out your cycles and ovulation/ period dates so you know when you can do an early test. this would mean you could find out almost straight away (well within weeks rather than a month anyway) xxx