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heya hun, vlcd's can make you more fertile ive seen a few people getting preggers on cd including myself!! but it also messes up your cycle so it could just be that! why dont you do a test to put your mind at ease :hug99:
thanks for replying so fast, i am a worry wart! I will def do one, will get OH to pick one up on way home from work, although you could be right maybe its just cos of the diet - although not been sticking with it much lately.

Been googling which is prob the worst thing to start cos you convince yourself of all sorts!! LOL!!

all my symptoms are really bloated, feel constipated (tmi) and having weird little crampie feeling in lower tum almost like my P is coming - could be eh? just feel bit weird.

Oli x
hi Jane, thanks for replying.... gosh, a negative and you were! Maybe i should wait a few more days eh? I really doubt i am, we are so careful but nothing is ever 100% is it?



Resident geek
I got pregnant on a VLCD.. but remember that a vlcd can mess up your cycle, even th most "regular" person.. i would test just in case..

x x
no, admittedly we were trying i did a test one evening and it was neg, was gutted but so convinced from how i felt did another next morning and Rhiannon is now 5!!
congratulations on your pregancy! thats really exciting news huh?

i will do a test but will wait a few days cos u guys are right, its maybe just my cycle being messed up with the diet. Thanks and will def keep you posted. x
just a quick update, still not done a test! oh been googling too and he reckons i might have been ovulating??!!?? anyone clued up on these things? going to wait and see if i get a p this month and if not will def test and if neg will make an appointment with GP. :(

Purple Hugs

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how did you go? guess you weren't as not posted in a while..

i'm another VLCD = pregnancy lady though! lol found out today! :D
Ah big congrats to you Purple Hugs, what wonderful news!! x
oh purple hugs, thats wicked news, i am chuffed to bit for you.... how exciting ((((hugs))))

No, i wasn't, phew! although gotta admit i was kinda sad but all things come to those who wait eh?

Oli x x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Thanks both! :)
and yes all good things come to those who wait! ;) goodness knows I've had to do that! lol
fingers x'd this is my good thing that will be safe in my tummy till xmas when I get a cuddle! lol

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