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pregnant and feel huge!!!


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Hi all,

Hope your all well?

Thought i'd dip my toe back in here as used to be on here all the time before i got pregnant.

I did CD for 7 months and lost 5 stone, got from a size 24 to almost a size 14!

I felt so damb good about myself, managed to get into the clothes i liked in shops and everyone told me i looked great and i've never felt better.

I got down to 12 stone 10lbs then met someone and two months into our relationship i got pregnant! We are still together and really happy, only have 5 weeks left till he arrives and i am excited but really scared about the birth as it's my first.

Anyway i just weighed myself like an idiot as i have eaten lots throughout my pregnancy, especially lately as fed up and want my body back and the gym and can't wait to get back on CD. I weigh 15 stone 10lbs!!! I have put on 3 stone!!! I so have to eat healthy and eat less for the last 5 weeks!!

So my plan is to breast feed if i can for about 2 months and cut out bread, potatoes and pasta, but still eat healthy. Then beginning Oct i can start CD again!

Just can't wait to get my body back as feel **** and confidence has gone down and don't feel sexy any more, which is also affecting our sex lives!!

Any body else been through this?

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I'm about, I'm 10 weeks pregnant and dreading my scan, had bleeding 2 weeks ago


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Hi, a "normal" (i use that term loosely) woman will put on around 2 stone during pregnancy, dont forget the weight is a combination of things, baby, water, placenta, extra blood flowing around your body etc etc the weight of these things will go after the baby is born and the rest you can lose by eating healthily.

Breastfeeding is a fab way to lose weight too ;) although i will say you need to eat properly for the duration of you breastfeeding. The goodness you get from your food will be going to your baby via the milk.

I have been through this and i know its mentally and physically tough but at the end of your pregnancy you will have given birth to a beautiful little bundle of joy xx


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Hi echo, I can totally relate to what you put. I did LL before getting pregnant, got down to 10 stone 10lbs and a size 12. Had put on a bit before getting pregnant and weighed around 12 stone. I have my baby 11 days ago and now weight 15 stone, I'm horrified and so mad at myself. I will be doing CD in a few weeks when I am not breast feeding, like you I can't wait to get my sexy body back as it felt amazing. It was the first time in my life I had been slim and I loved it. Need to find that motivation again and get back there, done it once so we know we can do it! For now, we need to focus on our baby, but in a few weeks we need to focus on us again. Best of luck with the birth, however it goes will be worth it. I didn't have a great birth experience, but would happily do it 10 times over for my little man.

Look forward to the pics! x
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3 stone is not excessive, you'll lose at least one giving birth and another one with about 6 weeks breast feeding eating healthy and having a few treats - that just leaves one - no big deal, enjoy this special time! Good luck!


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Hi, Ive put on 2 stone already during this pregancy so I'm now following SW for the rest of it, can't bear to put anymore weight on! I'm 15stone 2lbs now! I usually always 'live on a diet' so I guess my body was just a bit shocked when I started eating non-diet food, even tho I was still eating healthily. Han Xxx

I have put on 2stone already and don't know if anymore, probably) but OH has removed scales to stop me obessing. 75% of the time I do great with the odd slip up. I feel hugh but try not to stress out as at the end of day as I would not change anything to have my baby boy. The weight can be lost afterwards and like other people have said you lose weight given birth and breatfeeding!


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Thanks bunny, I know you're right but I'm just a bit scared because I couldn't breastfeed my DD, she wouldn't latch on and so I was left with all my baby weight to lose, I've never really got it off!! Hopefully I will be able to BF this one. I'm a bit older now so perhaps will have more patience. X x