Pregnant and struggling to stay on plan!!


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I was doing so well, started friday, but today i am really struggling.
I keep telling myself "oh, it doesnt matter if i eat that cause when my mum weighs me friday she will think my gain is baby weight", so not the right attitude to have.:(

Please help, as i really need to stick to plan.
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Just think how good you'll feel not having to lose 2/3/4 stone when your little one arrives? Less risk of complications, able to recover quicker, able to enjoy your new arrival rather than feeling frumpy and unhappy! :D Your mum will know it wasn't baby weight after the birth!


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Think of how eating well now will help you and your baby to grow properly, less risk of complications and give him/her a good start.


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How many weeks pg are you? I did SW when pg and found that I had weeks when I just needed to eat a little bit more. In the early and late stages I think your body is working so hard you need a bit more energy and just crave your favourites. Go easy on yourself. Just try to be sensible but don't put added pressure on yourself - being pg is hard enough. I'm not trying to encourage you to eat and not follow plan but I just think you shouldn't stress too much about it.


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Might you be tired rather than hungry ? Only a thought xxx


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I really feel for you x I was like you with my pregnancies, and now I so so wish I had stuck with SW while I was pregnant, instead I went off the rails, decided I could eat whatever I wanted and in the end had over 5 stone to lose. It really wasn't worth it!

Now, if you are hungry, eat! There's so much free food you can eat, but if you fancy something dry and savoury or don't have the energy to cook, you could use some syns for some brown toast & cheese, or maybe some cereal? It might be worth preparing some free snacks when you have the energy and keep them in the fridge for those moments you want to eat.

Sticking to the plan is the very best thing you can do for you, and baby! You'll be eating the very best healthy foods, will naturally up your vitamins & minerals and will be giving your baby a great start in life. You'll also feel better, fitter and happier with yourself when the baby arrives. You can do it! xx


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Thanks for your encouraging replies. I am 24 weeks. I think that rather than going mad and blowing it, i will stick to plan best i can with meals and snacks, but should i need extra syns some days im going to have some x


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As someone else said.. If you eat healthier.. your baby will be healthy and strong and you will have less complications the more weight you lose :D You will be fine! Everyone has there down days xx