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Pregnant in 2018

All the other threads seem to be older now
So hopefully might be able to find some motivation for the 2018 babies.

In around 5-6 weeks pregnant but sadly in my 17st area , I've been doing SW for the past couple of months and lost 8lbs quite quickly but since I found out 3 weeks ago I was pregnant, the motivation stopped and I've piled the 8lb back on (also blaming Xmas etc).

Looking for some mommies-to-be who are trying to stick on plan too.
Today is last day of anything naughty and tomorrow I start back on plan again and also with my spin classes which I stopped after I found out too, to at least try to keep going with my exercise.
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S: 18st2lb C: 15st8.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st7.5lb(13.98%)
Congratulations Chika on your wonderful news:)

Hopefully you won't have to wait to long before other mommies-to-be join you here.

Good luck with SW!
Hi chicka thought I’d join.
Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy x

I’m not actually pregnant yet but we’re trying. I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS so hopefully it won’t be to long until I get my BFP.

We have a seven year old daughter and I’m following slimming world.
Since September I have lost 31pounds, gaining 5pound back over Xmas!.. kicking myself, so it’s now 26.
I’d ideally like to loose another two stone, I’ve started exercising for 20mins every other day.

How are you getting on with SW and pregnancy?

Your right there isn’t enough up to date SW pregnancy threads, I’d like to follow you on your journey and update with mine 🙂
Thanks DinoDana

I’m experiencing cramping & heavy feeling so let’s see if I get AF
Going back to SW, I’ve stuck to plan apart from tonight, I just can’t seem to totally stick to it when I know the weekends coming.
I have weigh in Tuesday, I’m going to be extra good for the next few days.
I’ll update with weight loss and any news

Chicka hopefully you’ll rejoin us for an update x
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I know how you feel with the weekends, that's why I weigh on a Friday to be honest then if I do go over my syns on a weekend I can make up for it the rest of the week or if I stick to plan I can have more syns during the week.

Fingers crossed AF stays away for you this month and it's time for that BFP
S: 11st3lb C: 9st12.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 1st4.5lb(11.78%)
That seems odd, are you always regular?
I'm usually extremely regular but have had times when I was 1, 2 and even up to 5 days late.

It could be that the test isn't sensitive enough either. Sorry I know that's saying it could go either way.

If I were you I'd wait until I were a week late and then test again. Fingers crossed for you. Do you have any symptoms?
Hi thanks for replying dinodana,
Think AF is here today having slight bleed, can notice when wiping, I feel really groggy today. Hopefully we’ll get better Luck this month.
I wonder how chicka is getting on no sign of her yet...
S: 11st3lb C: 9st12.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 1st4.5lb(11.78%)
Sorry to hear that, although just means the start of a new cycle - fingers crossed for this one for you :)

We're considering starting to try in March ourselves now. So about a month and a half to prepare (we were thinking May but that was then put forward to March instead)
Nice to hear your planning on trying soon.
My partners away with work next month during my fertile days so maybe March for us as well.
Will this be your first?
Do u know if it’s possible to loose weight in the first trimester following slimming world?. Be nice to hear some Sw pregnancy stories without trawling through the old threads
S: 11st3lb C: 9st12.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 1st4.5lb(11.78%)
I don't think the recommend losing weight at all during pregnancy (depending on weight - I think if your doctor recommends losing weight slimming world is one of the better ways of going about it) It probably is possible in the first trimester as the baby is so tiny and they don't recommend you putting too much weight on in the first trimester anyway.

This will be our second but there is a big gap between them, my son is 9 and from a previous relationship - to be honest it wasn't the best relationship and my pregnancy wasn't enjoyed because of that - so it will be nice to experience everything properly.

Sorry to hear he will be away next month
Completely agree weight loss isn’t the main focus during pregnancy, for me a few pounds less would be nice during the early stages.
When I became pregnant with my daughter I lost half a stone without even changing anything, suppose it was just my body adjusting. I then managed to gain 4 stone 😔
I suppose every pregnancy is different and I’d like to minimise the gains if I can.

The gaps fine, we tried a couple of years after having our daughter and it became very stressful + work & PCOS diagnoses, ended up putting it on the back burner and blimey times gone so fast.
It’ll be nice, I’m hoping she’ll enjoy having a baby round the house.

I lost 1 pound this week
S: 11st3lb C: 9st12.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 1st4.5lb(11.78%)
Well done on the loss :) I'm hoping I lose this week as I maintained last week

I don't know how much I gained with my son as I never properly weighed myself before during or for quite a while after - what I know is I did gain way too much (I'm glad I don't know actually as I dread to think) This time around it would be nice to stay in the same size maternity clothes or at least only go up one size

I'm sure she will, we've already spoken to our son as we were worried he might take badly to it (so we asked how he felt about the idea when we decided we would definitely start trying soon) thinking we may have to talk him around and explain how it wouldn't change how we felt about him and he wouldn't be made to share a room with a baby or anything, but he was really excited and it sounds like actually he had been hoping we would have one but assumed we wouldn't. He asked us whether we wanted a boy or a girl and then said he wasn't bothered he'd just like a baby brother or sister. The only thing he did say a while later was that he would worry about me when I went in to have the baby, so I told him not to and that everything would be fine. I'm sure it'll be the same for your daughter.

I can tell husband and son are really happy because they're willing to give up their games room as a nursery. It was actually my husband who suggested trying this time round too.
That’s really nice to hear he’s on board with having a sibling. Blimey they must be keen on the idea if there willing to give up the games room, boys and there toys usually nothing can part them lol.
We had a chat with our daughter and she said she’d like a baby sister, she’d dress her and teach how to read etc ( so sweet )

Thanks, I’m sure you’ve lost. How much have u got to loose?
Will you stick with SW once you become pregnant?
S: 11st3lb C: 9st12.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 1st4.5lb(11.78%)
I know I was shocked about the room. Son did say just to make sure we're not due around Christmas... we're starting in March haha so we didn't listen to that advice, but we're also aware that chances of getting pregnant our first couple of cycles are slim.

That's really sweet - I'm glad she's also on board, it is a worry when they're older isn't it that they're just used to life as an only child.

I have just under a stone to lose now, I'm still going to say a stone as I'm expecting to have gone up again on Friday with star week and a cheeky night off plan last night. But I'd be over the moon if I maintained this week instead.

Yes I'm planning on sticking to it but having the extra healthy extra's when pregnant - I really want to make sure I only put on a healthy amount of weight this time around. Will you be sticking with it too?
I’m a little worried about the age gap, obviously they’ll be a time I’m there lives they won’t have much in common or interested in each other etc.

Yes I plan on sticking with SW throughout pregnancy, I would like to minimize the gain. I’m still 2 stone overweight but I’m tall so carry it really well.
We’re planning a holiday abroad in the summer, I’ll obviously gain weight.

flying when pregnant, I’m going to have to do some research.
S: 11st3lb C: 9st12.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 1st4.5lb(11.78%)
Yeah they're will always be pro's and cons to any age gap. I'm sure it'll be fine though.

Yes I've had to do a lot of research on cruising when pregnant but hopefully even if we fall our first cycle of trying we will be okay :)
S: 16st8.5lb C: 13st6.5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 3st2lb(18.92%)
Congrats on the bean chicka and good luck with the ttc giggles. X

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