pregnant what do i do diet wise now


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pHi guys i started this diet to get pregnant after 4 hard years of trying and i can not belive it but im 2 weeks pregnant i just hope it stays that way but this is the first time we have even got this far im now worried about this diet as i cant have eggs and stuff like that i dont want to come off atkins and put it all back on any ideas on what i should do i cant see my doctor until thursday to confrim it all so im praying the clear blue sticks are as accurate as they say please help me im up to high doe :D
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Hi Linny
Congratulations!!!! Firstly about the clear blue stick, you never get false positives, if there is HCG (preg hormone) in yr wee, then the stick will detect it when it gets to a high enough concentration. You only get false negatives due to the level of hormone not being high enough for the test to detect it.

As for diet, as a Doctor I would recommend that you eat a well balanced diet, and take Folic acid daily plus you can take pregnancy supplements and fish oils etc for brain development. I think your own doctor will tell you the same, I'm not away of Atkins/low carb/high protein and being pregnant so I can't comment further on following a low carb diet. Although I'm a huge fan of LC diets, I personally wouldn't do it in pregnancy but that is just my own opinion. You need to gain fat near the end as this is used for breast milk etc and glucose is a baby's main fuel during the pregnancy and for growth of the baby.
You can always return to LC in the post natal period if your not breast feeding, again you need high calories to make milk.

Hope this helps :0)


S: 18st9.0lb C: 17st13lb G: 11st7.0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 0st10lb(3.83%)
thank you so much i am going to come off atkins but was wondering how to do it with out putting too much weight back on this reply has really put my mind at rest thankyou kindly x


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I know a couple of women on another forum who are doing Atkins during pregnancy because they feel better for eating low carb. As far as I know they do the pre-maintenance/maintenance level of the diet so they eat a much higher carb level but get those carbs from foods like nuts and low sugar fruits and things like cottage cheese and milk, rather than opting for starches and wheat. As I say they're doing it for health, not trying to lose weight. Just do what feels comfy for you - I think most modern diet books mention how to adjust them during pregnancy so you have a few options if you want some kind of plan. Xx


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Oh congratulations, it is most exciting time of your life....I have no medical experience but maybe you could look at paelo or primal...there is a forum on here about them basically you eat the way people did before all the processed food arrived. Your carbs come from natural food. Good luck.


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Congratulations!! Being a mum is the most wonderful thing in the world :) x