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Preparation for Abstainance

Hi Lewis, I was so excited I just couldn't wait, on the day before starting I was out at a charity dinner, I had my last supper and drank a 'wee' bit and then was all psyched up and ready!!
Good luck x
Hi Lewis,
I stopped drinking tea with milk a few days before to get used to it. And I tried to cut down on carbs and have smaller portions in general.
The first few weeks when I got my packs I divided them into daily groups of 4 so I didn't eat more or less, and so I didn't end up with all one flavour on the last day.
On the first day I also went out and bought one of those hand blender wands to mix the porridge to get the lumps out.
When do you start?
To be honest, I've already done it once- put quite a bit back on and been trying to get back on but it really isn't that easier but im trying to prepare myself because I want so to be slim!!
Hi Lewis,
I think that having done this once it must be harder second time around, but there are lots of people on the forum who are very successfully doing it.
My head really had to be in the right place to start this. I've lost large amounts several times in my life, and I've also had numerous false starts when I wasn't really ready to make the changes.
Only you can know if you are ready to stick to this and get to your goals. If you do start you will be sure to get lots of support from everyone on here.
So Glad I have found this forum!! yea i've had quite a few false starts - i will be starting abstainence in just over a weeks time so the plan is as of tomorrow - I am going to cut out carbs and live off chicken and veg/salad so hopefully I will find the transition a little bit easier?
Hi Lewis,
Cut back if you want as long as you won't feel deprived in your last week. The first week can be tough on some people until you are in ketosis. You sound like you have thought everything through and are ready to make the commitment and focus on your goals. Good for you, I'll look forward to your posts.


plodding away
Well I was intending to cut down on carbs before abstinance, but I must admit I had two weeks of eating and drinking exactly what I wanted. It was like my own last supper only lasting longer...

I didnt have any problems getting into ketosis no headaches or anything I know some people have a rough time but I was lucky.

Good luck for your restart x

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