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From my CDC it would be £40.95 @3 a day :)


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My CDC charges £2 so it would be £42.


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Mine charges £1.90 = £39.90
Mines charges me £47.50 and shes just informed me that her prices are going up - rip off!


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go find another one!!
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Oh, thats not right. Surely they should all be the same price everywhere? Some people are obviously making way too much profit!


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That sounds like a 4 a day price. However, there will be some price variations because CDC do operate differently to each other in terms of time for example.

I know some literally have clients in and out the door in 15 minutes and can therefore see loads of clients. Others might set aside 30-60 minutes for a client and so charge a little more accordingly. They won't fit in as many people in a week as the aforementioned and therefore won't make as much money.


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Then that seems expensive to me, but maybe a CDC could offer their opinion.
I pay just over £40 and am in there ages. My CDC is new for me, as i changed about a month ago. Never knew the value a good one could have and the impact on the diet until I changed.


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DietGirl That does sound very expensive. My CDC was explaining the profit margain that they are allowed to make and to be honest it certainly sounds like she is bumping up her prices to make a lot more! I would definately find another CDC.. (mine charges £1.90)


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Mine charges a flat fee of 1.80 per item regardless of what I have so SS works out at £37.80.

It's great because there's no messing about and I can choose whatever combination I like and the price is always the same.

£47 sounds too much!


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maybe a CDC could offer their opinion.
Prices do vary, and as CDCs are self employed it's really up to them what they charge.

I guess, if you feel that she/he is overcharging and not giving a good service along with it, then it may be worth looking around elsewhere.


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mine is 1.90 for tetra's too, (although i dont have them) but my cdc is superb so even if there were more i think i get value for money in the service she provides
Personally, if your not happy with the service, then change CDC....the money should (theoretically) be a secondary reason to leave your cdc hun
hope that helps

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i pay £1.95 for them- she said the prices have just gone up?
CD prices increased from 1st July 09 only but a few pence an item on the RRP.

However, CDC's are self employed and can charge whatever price they like whether it be RRP, below or above.

If you are unhappy with the price of your diet speak to your CDC about it. Otherwise as suggested make contact with another CDC.


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Mine are £1.95 each for tetras and bars, she hasn't put her price up though, and says she's not planning to at the moment.

I'm probably in my CDC's house for about 10 minutes usually, it can vary though. I go in, we have a bit of a chat about how I've found the week and that's what will vary the length of time I'm in there. If I say it was good etc. then it's a bit more in and out, however I know I can talk to her about issues and stuff, and that'll mean I'm there longer. She'll then weigh me, measure me and talk about whether I'm happy on the plan I'm on, and then sort my CD packs for the week. She texts me quite a few times throughout the week too, just checking I'm ok, reminding me to stay strong etc. Like this morning I got a text message saying about the weekend can be hard, but that we can do it and it's worth sticking to it. I know that if I get tempted, I can text her. So while she's maybe not the cheapest CDC, she's not too expensive, and I like her, she's good!


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mine is jus over £35 per wk @3 a day so works out at about £1.70 per pack, i have a friend in the same area as me with a diff cdc and she pays £39-42 depending wot she has so it does differ.

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