principles of RC


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Can anyone explain to me the principles of RC?

I have absolutely no idea... :)
Hiya Snail

Haven't done RC for quite a few years now but the general rule is that it is a low fat programme and anything that contains less than 5g of fat is deemed to be low fat!

I have heard that they also have an online programme...I'm sure if you Google Rosemary Conley it'll come up.

Good luck, Snail....:)
I love the RC diet principles: so much easier than the other 'big guns' of WW and SW (only in my opinion - the other diets themselves are sound: I just found them fiddly and annoying).

Diva's right about the RC 5% rule. Foods that contain less than 5g of fat per 100g have the thumbs up. It's easy to check this on the nutritional labels shown on all packaged foods these days.

In addition, there is a limit on starchy carbs so you have a calorie guide and low GI foods are encouraged.

I lost 6st on RC a few years back: it's a great diet and the exercise class is fab. Unfortunately, as I had 12st to lose, I lost the plot and got disheartened at the slow (but steady) pace. Like a twit I gave up and regained 4st over the following 2 years. (Cue Cambridge! :D )

I would definitely go back to RC after I reach goal but unforunately, the woman who used to own the franchise in my town has given up and so the nearest class to me involves a trip across the harbour or a long drive round! :(

Anyway - I'd say go for it if you're thinking of giving RC a go.
Thank you both.

I had a look on the RC site but it doesnt give up much about the diet which is a bit strange. I'm def thinking about it because i cant seem to get on to SW at the moment, its hard for me to get the a class though cos i work shifts. Having an op in 6 weeks (a tummy tuck) and wanna lose about 10lbs before that, i really need to do it.
RC does a magazine that you can buy in supermarkets: it has diet tip, recipes etc as well as the usual motivational stories. Might this help at all?
Hi there... I have been on RC since new year and have lost 1st 8lbs... I lost almost 6 stone with LL in 2005 and had sadly put 3st 6lbs back!! Tried to get back into LL with no sucess and have really got my head around RC... In short... you need to expend more calories than you put in!! Easy when your head is in the right place!!

Good luck...

Hi Bethany, Rosemary Conley is essentially a low fat diet.
Really just low fat and low GI... I don't actually weigh anything at all but eat very healthily all week with a nice evening out on a saturday... ;)

RC does advocate lots and lots of exercise and thats what seems to work for me... If I want a glass of wine.. I walk a couple of tube stops rather than getting on earlier...

And I do run... because it clears my mind... Blimey.. I hate people that sound like me... :rolleyes:

Yes, it will involve looking at food packets Bethany. I can't remember the amount of fat you are allowed in a food - it is something like no more than 3g fat or 5g fat. I have never followed the plan so I don't know off the top of my head but it is something like that. It's a low fat diet so will involve lots of salads, vegetables, fruit, low fat foods, lots of exercising etc.
Hiya Russiandoll

With the rosmary conely diet have you to weigh things out like breakfast cereals and what about your veg and fruit and potatoes are they free and did you say that you have to look on packages of food for 100g not per item and then do you look under the calories and fat content is it a bit like ww because with that you luck per item and fat content


Good luck with your weight loss

Oh do you have to count calories and write everything down:)
hi bethany

rc is about low fat low gi and low calories

first 2 weeks is stict 1200 then you move up to 1500

dont have to weigh everything - just somethings if you want to get anal about it.l

but the gist of it is low gi - slow releasing carbs and under 5gm of fat per 100g

her classes have aerobic exercise which sets them apart fromthe rest of the diet clubs.

i have over 200lbs to lose and have recently started RC and am happy with the weight loss - not the same as a VLCD which i struggled with with for over 3 years but then again there are more ways to skin a cat so they say !!!!