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Problems at home - hubby wants me to quit

Hi all

Has anyone else had this? My hubby really wants me to quit the diet, I have had a few instances of not feeling well and feeling dizzy and sick and now he is saying it's not healthy and he wants me to quit

I have done WS the past 2 days (evening meal) to try and help the situation but I am still doing a pack for breakfast and lunch but he is not happy and wants me to come off totally and just eat healthily.

I don't know what to do, I don't want to have a bad atmosphere in the house but I also don't want to quit. I have lost 6lbs in 6 days which is fab and I also seem to have lost weight on my tummy (or maybe I'm just not as bloated anymore).

I have just spent 15 minutes in co-op walking around looking for something to eat but couldn't pick anything so I walked out, came back and had a shake (my first one of the day).

I don't think I can quit, a week ago I would have easily spent £5 in co-op just on junk but today, I just didn't WANT any of it.

I don't know what to do - I feel so confused
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Stick at it :) Your hubby is more than likely just concerned for you, but giv it a little while and the feeling of being unwell will pass. Im terrible for the first week and a half, but after that im fine. Its just your body craving all the junk u used to eat, the diet is proven to be healthy for you. Explain all this to your hubby, explain why u want to stick at it, and hopefully he gets it. Good luck xxx
Ok, I'll be brutally honest. You are feeling unwell and dizzy because like i used to be you probably over consumed on calories. Your body is having to get used to having hardly any. You will have withdrawal and you WILL feel crap. It's a given. But then again being obese and eating crap is much worse for you. Doesn't he realise this?

You are your OWN person. No man would tell me what to do.

Big hugs xx

It can't be nice not having the support of your hubby, and i'm sure he s only concerned for your health. It might be worth sitting down with him and explaining how much you want to carry on doing this. Explain to him that you're not happy the size you are (which i'm assuming you're not - else you'd not be doing this!!) and that this is a nutritionally balanced diet. It might be worth coming to some agreement where you continue until the end of your box (or end of month...whatever works) and agree to sit down and discuss what to do about it then.

That way he will feel you're taking into account what he's said, and listening to him, but also not wasting money on the shakes/soups/bars you've already bought. It will also give your body a chance to get used to the reduced number of calories and you might find you feel better anyway.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do. x


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Stick it out. Tell him it'd okay to feel lousey the first week or so that you are just missing food effects.

I mean alcohol makes you feel dizzy, does your hubby give up alcohol and other bad things because of feeling iffy when he takes it? Think not.

You will get there and worst case senario you csm be seen to be eating some chicken and veg when he's around though you don't even need to do that.

Good luck.
Thanks everyone

At the start, he couldn't have been more supportive. On days 2 and 3 I was practically begging him to let me eat and he wouldn't let me. He got me through the first 3 days.

It's just the last 2 days, I almost fainted yesterday and that was the last straw for him. I have just told him about the shop incident and he said "well just have a normal lunch"

He doesn't understand I don't want food, I think my body is finally used to the diet and I have got past the point where I am craving food
Hi hun, its normal for a loved one to worry about you when you obviously dont feel yourself, however long term we all know the risks of being overweight, its not easy at first on any diet, however on balance I feel that the loss of weight is worth it for lots of reasons, self confidence, etc and more importantly your health...xx
I don't want people to think he is some kind of controlling monster, because he really isn't. I know he is just worried about me, he just wants me to be back to my happy energetic self and thinks coming off the diet will achieve that
I would just tell your husband (politely) to do one. This advice comes on the basis that, of course, you truly, sincerely plan to see this thing through. Remember:- Whilst I have no idea what you weigh etc, I'm assuming you'll need to be on here for much of the rest of this year. It's a bitter pill to swallow. The bottom line is that the sometimes-unpleasant side effects of this diet are going to be a small price to pay for remaining significantly overweight.

The side effects are likely, as other posters have suggested, being caused by a huge drop in your intake of calories. Your body is, in effect, ‘in shock’ and it will take some time to adjust. No two people are the same:- Side effects of this diet that I get include headaches and a dry mouth. I know others who complain of hair loss.

Most doctors who don’t like VLCDs don’t base their opinions on its potential ‘dangers’ to your health (likely because there aren’t any established major health risks), but purely because they don’t feel it teaches the user good long-term eating-habits. The two things are, of course, very different issues and there are arguments for and against them both.

You could – if it would keep husband from moaning – look at a slightly less-demanding alternative (e.g. SlimFast, which comes highly recommended by myself – I lost six stones on it), but the losses will likely be a little slower. I wonder if there are other reasons for your husband’s anti-Exante feelings. You’re not married to a feeder are you?! Have a chat with him, and ask him for his support. Explain that the side effects are often just part and parcel of life when beginning a VLCD and, like your excess weight, will pass in time. :flirt2:


I will do this!!!
i dont think telling your husband to do one is quite the right advice! if it was me id sit down with him and talk it through, maybe he doesn't understand the diet fully. Explain that yes you do feel dizzy etc for the first week but then you feel great :) your energy levels go skyhigh and you'll soon be your normal self, happier even because of the weight losses. If your feeling lousy try drinking more water so you've got a full stomach. Dont fall out about it just explain the diet and your feelings to him clearly and tell him its not for ever. Hope it goes ok :)
I understand that he's usually supportive and you don't want people to think that's not the case. I can imagine my boyfriend being similar.

Have you tried having a chat with him, explaining how it's just adjusting to things? I think the suggestion of 'I'll carry on until I finish my box (for example) and then we can review it' (technical terms there!) is a good idea.

I'd be really honest about how you feel but if poss try and understand how he might feel too and get that across. It might help if he feels listened to.

I hope things go ok and I hope you start feeling stronger ASAP. :)

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