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Product combination

Hello, sole sourcers :)

I am considering what to order for next week and was just a bit curious about the combinations that everyone else has. Do you have 3 shakes? 3 Porridges? 3 soups? A soup, a shake and a porridge? A shake, a porridge, a bar? Does it vary day to day? Do you have a weekly program?

I have 3 shakes a day, but am thinking of trying a porridge and a bar, to see how I get on.
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Hi, I'm on week 3 and this week I've gone onto milkshakes and bars. I've given up on soups and porridge as I love to have something sweet and feel like it's a treat when I have a milkshake. I've also got 6 tetras for when i'm out as I keep one in my handbag.

This is my first week being able to have the bars and I've tried peanut tonight which was OK. I've got one of each of the bars to try out this week but am probably only having one every other day.

It will be interesting to see what other people are doing x


this time - the last time
I have 2 tetras and a bar everyday!
I have 2 x tetras and a soup most days, but have the occasional bar
I've tried to vary it and usually have a shake, porridge and a soup per day but have gone off the soups and am upping it to 2 shakes instead :) I get bars if i'm out and about for the day !
i have a bar, a tetra and a soup.
My first week I had a porridge for breakfast, a soup for lunch and a shake for dinner. The second week I gave the bars a try and I think I over did it because I got pretty sick of them, not to mention I didn't lose any weight (don't know if they had anything to do with it). Last week I had porridge for breakfast and two shakes for the rest of the day. I'm thinking of getting the tetra this week to see how they are since from next week I'm gonna be working at the hospital and don't know if I'll have time to make the shake/soup. Just a question tho, are the tetras filling when compared to soup/porridge/shake/bar?
Hi, I am 5ft 11 so I have four to fit in! I have a shake for breakfast, tetra for lunch at work, a soup for tea and porridge for supper! I did one week of the bars for supper but that week I only lost 2lb so went back to soups & porridge. I find the tetras just as filling as the soup/shakes but the bars for me are the most filling product.
Hi, tried the porridge, soups and tetra but did not like them :-( so I have a shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch (my favs are peanut and cranberry) and a chocolate shake for dinner. I blend mine with ice and serve in a tall glass with a straw so it feels like a treat! :D
Hi again, I've tried the cranberry bar and tonight the orange one which was a bit like a Fry's Orange Cream (with a bit of imagination!!!).

I love the Tetras and keep one in the car and one in my bag just incase I need them.

Will be interesting to see on Thursday at my weigh-in if I've lost anything this week as I've had a bar for tea every night x
I did lose weight, another 5lbs which I was really pleased with and this was dispite having a bar every day. This week my CDC didn't have enough bars :( so I have extra tetras and lots of shakes, especially Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla - YUM my favourites!
SurreySuperTrooper said:
I have one shake and 2 bars a day. Not exactly following CWP guidelines but it seems to work for me. I also have 200ml of milk a day. I'm doing SS+
It's 4 products and milk or 3 and a small allowed meal. You need 1 more product :)
It all depends on what you like I used to vary all the time however I now have cappacino shake with extra coffee for breakfast and soup lunch a dinner either spicy tom which isnt spicy at all or potato and leek or vegetable. I found at first I was into everything now I seem to have a simular thing daily :)

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