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Pros & Cons Ebook Reader


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My fiance is in love with his Kindle right now. I'm old-fashioned, though. I prefer to hold my books when I'm reading.
Wellcome to the club. I'm also old fashioned about books. There's nothong like read books holding them;)
But I don't waste trees, most times I read books from public libraries :)


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I mostly buy secondhand books. I own only a couple of books that are brand new when I bought them. I guess this can be considered a form of recycling. :)
I never heard about buy secondhand books but that's a very good idea too;) Is there any site online where people share/give/exchange/buy secondhand books?

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I'm with you guys re books, you can't take an e reader in the bath ..... Or at least I wouldn't and that is one of my favourite reading spots!

I read my kindle in the bath

I was always anti e readers but now I have a kindle I love it ,so easy to take anywhere ,you can dip in and out of several books ,and its great for holidays , no taking several heavy books
Hmmmm may need to rethink. However I know ( from previous experience) that books dropped in the bath will dry out though very rumpled pages.... It's a positive that kindle copes with the steam tho. Take your point re holidays.
Starlight said:
I was really tempted to buy a Kindle but I think you cant beat a real book. Plus the fact almost all the books I want or have lined up to read were still about £4 - £7 on Amazon. I grudge paying that for a download quite honestly when I could get the book cheaper, read it, pass it on to my mum then the charity shop.
Points well made!

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I'm a Bi-Reader ;) lol

I love the local library and will go and get paperbacks, I pass my old ones around work & I love a good book.

I also have a kindle which I ADORE it's easy to read, all the books I've gotten so far have been cheaper :)
I have an iPad and read books on it. I also have a Sony ereader which isn't as good as the kindle because you have to connect to your pc in order to download books. However my local library (Essex ) allows you to 'borrow ' books for ereaders, they have to be in ePub format. I think you can google to find out which libraries do it. Kindle do an app for iPhone & android phones so you can download books, amazon do quite a lot of free books so it's worth trying those. I have to say that my husband definitely prefers the real book.
Starlight said:
Well I did it I bought a Kindle and I absolutely love it.

So far most of the things on it are free downloads ;) and I'm still going to buy some books too but it's just THE most amazing device
Goodness didn't think you'd bite the bullet. I've just been re reading my mother's 1950's copies of Lorna Hill's Sadlers Wells books. Probably not an option on kindle. I'm kinda liking the bi reader idea. Feels like a mega decision! Aaaaargh!


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I got an iPad to read them on with both the apple book app and the kindle app ;) covered most formats I think.
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I have my Kindle since last September and love it because we have been traveling since December and I have not had to carry any books with me plus I have had a daily paper delivered to it for 30p per day.
But when I get back home I will be back to reading "real" books as I get them from the charity shops or from the library and since having the Kindle it is the first time I have paid almost full price for a book.

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