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Prospective newbie

I am an ex LL and CD'er. After a couple of crises i fell off the wagon - first a broken wrist then a breast lump. Both now sorted. The latter was a cyst incidentally.

I have gained 14lbs of the 28 i lost and need to find another way that will not have me craving food as i do at the mo.

A colleague today recommended SW.

I know you will have been asked all this before and i have looked at the SW FAQs stickie which was fab.

Has anyone done CD or LL then moved onto SW and how have they found it since?

Success? starving? SW not working?

Any help/motivation would be great.

Thanks ;)
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I can't help re CD / LL, but can definitely say that I'e never felt hungry on this plan! Plenty to choose from, and lots of food to eat in unlimited quantities.

I think it works best for people who enjoy cooking from scratch, and trying new ideas.

Hope you decide to give it a go - good luck


Please tell me that you have not updated your profile or i could get really worried!!!!! :p

Thanks x
? Updated my profile?
lol- do you mean the weight loss - no, I'm pretty rubbish at doing that kind of updating on here. Tend to use more for ideas / motivation than to record stats.


I am one of the 63336
Like Lucky7 I can't comment on the other ones but SW works and you don't end up hungry. There are ladies on here that have lost tons. A friend of mine has just got her 4.5 stone loss sticker. Another woman I know has lost 9 stone.

One thing though is that if you start SW straight from doing another plan, people quite often put on in their first week or two as their body gets used to eating more.


I am one of the 63336
Forgot to say, my stats etc are screwed as I did the plan for a few months (lost 3 stone), drifted off, came back for a couple of weeks and then drifted off until next Tuesday when I return to class. 'Life' got in the way of my SW journey, not SW itself.

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