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Protein Shakes syn values

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by CraigA, 13 October 2012 Social URL.

  1. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    Ive been using protein shakes for the last few months, just for after my weight training. Ive checked on slimming worlds site and they come in at 5 or 7 1/2 dependant on which one i use. Do you think these should be syned or counted as free food?

    The ones i currently use are Nutrisport 90+
    per one scoop (26g)
    cals 99
    protein 23g
    carbs 1.8g
    of which sugars 1.25g
    fat 0.74g
    (of which saturates) 0.74g
    fibre 0.5g
    sodium 0.0235g

    And the other i use is gaspari nutrition myofusion
    Per one scoop (39g)
    cals 150
    protein 24g
    fat 2g
    (of which sat) 1g
    cholesterol 50mg
    sodium 230mg
    carbs 9g
    fibre 1g
    sugars 3g
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  3. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Straight one syn for every 20 calories so 5 and 7.5 syns respectively, definitely not free food sorry :(
  4. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    I thought as much i do always syn them anyway cheers
  5. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    Yeah ive seen the PHD diet whey, but i think for the money i payed the Nutrisport was alot better value, only payed £40 for 5kg delivered and the Myofusion was only £27.95 delivered for 2.27kg which is an amazing price (they had the price wrong on the website haha) the Myofusion is great on the stomach, no bloating or anything that can be found with some proteins.

    Its a pity there is now 20% vat to pay on sports supps but ive plenty left to last me ages yet.
  6. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    I have banana and vanilla (was going to use vanilla in a cake of some kind) and the myofusion choc chip cookie with little bits of choc in and tastes awesome. The banana tastes almost caramely to and yes it does help with cravings plus it gets to the muscles quick after weight training.
  7. CraigA

    CraigA Silver Member

    I didnt think you could but i have read an artical in a mag called Train Hard, Fight Easy and they had a load of recipes for cookies and stuff using whey protein so i might give it ago. I used make my own protein bars with porridge honey peanut butter dried goji berries about 10 scoops of whey and just enough water to bind it together (no cooking required) and it would make 10 bars, cant remember the exact quantities of each apart from the whey but they tasted ace with choc whey like a snickers bar haha.

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